Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows

Hey there slingers! Well how's about those Axemen!!! We routed SMU 8-4 last night in the first of the best of three series at Acadia. I listened in me basement on the radio. It would have been even sweeter if Dad had been home from the hosptial listening right alongside me, however it is back to Kentville tomorrow and hopefully surgery to follow. I would go along but i have to work in Middleton the next two mornings in a row. I was actually in Wolfville yesterday afternoon for coffee at Timmy McHortons with a friend and then over to the legendary Anvil Bar & Beverage Room for a couple games of pool. Man i saw the same exact people that i saw in there playing VLT's back in like 1998-99 my first year of living in Tower. Hey Bullen! It was just like those OLD MAN BARS in Yarmouth!!! I am headed off to Kingstec on March 6th (A Monday) to take what they call a "test drive" see if you like a course before taking it, it is like a window meaning that if you do not like it, then you have enough time to go register for something else for next year. The course that i want is Addictions Counseling Concentration via the Human Services programme that is offered at the Kentville campus. However if i decide that is the route that i want to take, then i have to get my transcripts from Acadia and send them to Kingstec and their staff will decide if i should go straight into second year or not. They may also need some letters of recommendation which hopefully would not be too hard to find. So strange to think that i would possibly seeing so much of the future/ the past next academic year starting in September. I would be going back to a place where some of the past memories that i had of it are all not fond ones. A place where i first started my professional academic career. And to be living in the same apartment where i lived in 2004-05 during my last full year at Acadia. Weird, it must have been on my mind too much because i dreamed that i was wondering around the streets of i don't know either Wolfville or Middleton and a friend that i have not seen in eons came and grabbed me as i was late for a 9:00 AM final examination. He hauled me to this exam and my old criminology professor from Acadia was in charge of the exam and the room was full of people that i had gone to Acadia, Kingstec and West Kings with...and i didn't know anything and left the examination five minutes into it and she was trying to get me back as i walked towards Tower of all places and my brother was a security back and threatened to give me the taser if i did not come back to write the rest of my examination..........weird weird weird...
Hey! I picked up my copy of the Smokey and the Bandit Pursuit pack today, which consists of Smokey I, II and III on one widescreen DVD...awesome for like only $15!!!!!!! What is funny about the Burt-less Smokey III is that it was originally titled "Smokey *is* the Bandit," with 'Gleason, Jackie' playing both the sheriff and the bandit. Test audiences were confused, however, and parts of the film were re-shot with Jerry Reed as the bandit, replacing Gleason...now that would have been hysterical!!! I helped my nephew with his American Southern history project yesterday...i think he would have been better off if he knew where the south was!?!?!?!?
So how's about Team Canada? Well they were eliminated and now they are cannon fodder for the media. Team USA is gone also so no Miracle on Ice this year eh? Canada has to realize that the rest of the world has caught up to us as far as hockey is concerned and that maybe some new blood is needed with management, maybe Wayne and Patty O' Quinn should step back and let someone else do the picking and choosing for the team, instead of hanging on to guys from the 2002 games. They played bad and now they deserve to be sitting on the sidelines.
Anywho folks that is all for me, have a good one!

PS--- Dropkick Murphys- The Spicy McHaggis Jig

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