Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Oh Canada?

Hellooooooooo Webslingers! Well i came home from work today and i see that Canada lost...again! What the hell is happening? Did they take the Swiss and Finns too lightly? Is Janet Gretzky over there making bets? My my my...the boys better get their act together! Well on Wednesday night i went to the storied Berwick Arena to watch a team of local media starts and hockey players take on the famed Flying Fathers, it was a good time and i really enjoyed myself. The Fathers are kinda like the Harlem Globetrottiers of hockey, always splashing water on people, pies in people's faces, plus a guy dressed as a clown that loved tying himself to the zamboni... i was only a few numbers off winnning the 50/50 draw too! I went to Luigi's Pizza before the game too! Awesome pizza that we used to get at West Kings every Friday, but there was a catch to that, you had to fill out an order sheet for a pizza slice...good ol' West Kings, always the hard way eh? Actually West Kings's 50th Anniversary is happening and my sister wanted some info..hopefully it will be an interesting affair... No wonder when i gave a presentation for Sociology of Education and talking at length about my old high school did people look like they were going to die of laughter! At least now they have that long sought after cafeteria...HEy! Check out this frickin sandwhich!!!!! I went to Halifax on Friday and drove to the MicMac Mall, walked around for an hour or so, then i drove home and went to check on a girl i had been chatting with, went back to the ol' Suzuki Tracker and WHAMMO!!! It would not start! And Kentville is kinda well.....creepy after 9:00 lemmie tell you, some dudes that looked like roadies for Motorhead walked by and were looking me over and so i went to the firehall and a gentleman gave me a boost, then i drove home in like the worst wind imaginable and the tracker has sat in the driveway since Friday night. Tomorrow i am going to boost the jeep and drive it up to be fixed...i was going to go to Wolfville tomorrow for 9:00 AM when the ticket booth opens to snatch up an Axemen playoff ticket for Wednesday night (I am off Wednesday and Sunday this week!!!) However that all depends on what is happening with the tracker and my Dad is having day surgery on Tuesday, so i will wait to see what is going on with that, he is feeling a little under the weather tonight, but seems ok.
Anyways folks...i am off! Have a good one!

The Buzzcocks- What Do I Get?

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