Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Hello folks! What a worldwind this past week was eh? Well lemmie see, last Sunday was my Dad's visitation and i swear there was like 150 people there crammed into that tiny little funeral home. For all of those wondering, there was no funeral via family request. We are going to spread Dad's ashes at a date later to be determined. Lots of people came, my buddies from work, my sister from Seattle, lots of relatives, me old pal Barry who is now sporting the bald look and of course my two pals from the Passage, Craig and Jason. Me and Craig actually went out to the Big Scoop for lunch, actually my sister tried to get me into an accident earlier in the week at the Big Scoop, but that is another story for another time. It was good having those guys around. Craig is not going to forget my fun with numbers and the midget lady i am sure. And when the visitation was all said and done, there came Jason out of his parents mini van with his poodle Louie! We went back to the house, laughing about old times and then went downstairs and watched some Youtube with some old school Seasame Street until it was time to go. Fun times... well i missed my deadline for the NOVA Group because of what all happened the week before and they stated that it was no problem and have given me an extension until the 22nd of this month which i thought was awfully nice of them. I do have second thoughts about whether or not i should leave in September and not wait until October or January. Something i should discuss with them maybe as early as tomorrow. I went to see Grand Prix Wrestling in Berwick last Saturday. It was nostalgic to say the least, even the Fabulous Midgets were there! AS well as SPIDERMAN!!!! My old friend Richie Ramone was there with his girlfriend and i am happy to see that he has landed employment at Acadia. I must give special thanks out to old pals like Ginette and Gorgeous Glen for their letters this week to me. It means alot! I took my nephew to see X-Men 3 the other night. It was good, lots of shocks like Scott and Professor X being killed off, quite a few changes from the ol comic book and of course, my brother who is a comic book freak was pissed off that they changed this and that from the comic book, but it is not realized that those comics were out in like 1980 and that was a long time ago and comic book movies are always being changed to accomadate present day movie going audiences. How's about those Oilers? They bounced back big last night and i was at work watching on my nephew's portable television that takes some 10 C batteries to operate. Sometimes i am one smart cookie eh? Ah well. I have to go and get ready for my shift at 12 at the store formerly known as Andrew's, have a good one folks!!!!

PS #1: Here is the official AUS Football Schedule for 2006-07!!!

Sat. Sept. 9 - Saint Mary's @ StFX, 2:00pm (EastLink, 1:30pm Pre-Game Show)
Sat. Sept. 9 - Mount Allison @ Acadia, 2:00pm
Fri. Sept. 15 - Acadia @ Saint Mary's, 7:00pm
Sat. Sept. 16 - StFX @ Mount Allison (HC), 2:00pm (EastLink)
Sat. Sept. 23 - Sherbrooke @ Acadia, 2:00pm
Sat. Sept. 23 - Montreal @ Saint Mary's, 2:00pm (EastLink)
Sat. Sept. 23 - Mount Allison @ McGill, 1:00pm (EST)
Sat. Sept. 23 - StFX @ Concordia, 1:00pm (EST)
Sat. Sept. 30 - Acadia @ StFX (HC), 2:00pm (EastLink)
Sat. Sept. 30 - Saint Mary's @ Mount Allison, 2:00pm
Sat. Oct. 7 - Saint Mary's @ Acadia, 2:00pm (EastLink)
Sat. Oct. 7 - Mount Allison @ StFX, 2:00pm
Fri. Oct. 13 - Mount Allison @ Saint Mary's (HC), 7:00pm
Sat. Oct. 14 - StFX @ Acadia (HC), 2:00pm (EastLink)
Sat. Oct. 21 - Bishop's @ Mount Allison, 2:00pm
Sat. Oct. 21 - McGill @ StFX, 2:00pm
Sat. Oct. 21 - Saint Mary's @ Concordia, 1:00pm (EST)
Sat. Oct. 21 - Acadia @ Laval 1:00pm, (EST) (EastLink, 12:30pm Pre-Game Show)
Fri. Oct. 27 - StFX @ Saint Mary's, 7:00pm
Sat. Oct. 28 - Acadia @ Mount Allison, 2:00pm (EastLink)
Nov. 4 - AUFC Semifinal (3rd place @ 2nd place), 1:00pm (EastLink)
Sat. Nov. 11 - AUFC Championship (Semifinal Winner @ 1st place), 1:00pm (EastLink, 12:30pm Pre-Game Show)
Sat. Nov. 18 - Uteck Bowl (AUFC @ QIFC), TBDWeek 12:Sat. Nov. 25 - Vanier Cup @ Univ. of Saskatchewan, TBD

PS- DEVO: Satisfaction (I Can't Get NO)


Kimberley said...

I'm hoping Blogger lets you know when people comment, otherwise me going through your blog reading all your shit is for naught.

Gosh. I can't imagine what I would have done if you had decided to leave now, in September, rather than later. I would be a very sad girl.

Anonymous said...

Whatever..rolls eyes

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