Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

How it Feels to Be Something On

Hey webslingers! What is Old Man Robb up to? Well my paperwork for Japan was signed, sealed and delivered on Friday, well actually it is going to the NOVA offices in Toronto, so now it is a wait back and see kind of situation. IF they take me, then all is good and i leave in January, if not, then i reapply. See the difference here is that i was accepted anyways, all i need is to have the application in on time. Anyways i am not resting on my ass, i have discovered some new websites about Japan, including one called Price Check Tokyo and i have been using the currency converter at http://www.bloomberg.com/ to see the differences in the prices ...well for a bag of 6 oranges it is ¥500 which in American Dollars is $4.30, for a Domino's Pizza that is 25cm with Italian sausages and mushroom toppings it is ¥3000 which in American Dollars is $25.77!!!! For a single person to go to the movies in Japan it is ¥1,800 which in American Dollars is $15.47!!! Inflation eh? No more Sunday shopping in NS?!?!?!?!!?!? Silly people should get into the new milenium! people complain to me about working on Sundays, but i have always worked on Sundays, so they are indeed preaching to the wrong choir i am afraid! I found a quote in the Chronicle the other day that sums up the Sunday Shopping fiasco, " I don't understand how you can drink on Sunday, you can gamble on Sundays and you can even go to the strip club on Sundays, but shopping is seen as evil." I could not have summed it up any better than that!!!So me and my nephew went to see Grand Prix Wrestling on Saturday night in good ol Berwick (B'erk as it is known to others) my nephew got shy, would not go over and talk to the female wrestlers (Old Man Robb did! ) There were some Fabulous Midgets there too!!! For my friends that are stuck in the 1980s, this HUGE SITE will fill the bill!!!!! Well summer hours are starting this week at the store formerly known as Andrew's. The Habs did nothing on draft day...SUPRISE!!! At least Kirk Muller is back in the fold though and Huet is still in it! I had a customer try and tell me that the Lone Ranger was real this weekend. Riighhhhhhhhhht... i might be heading to Haliax this week to visit a friend, depends on when we get the van back this week. So Superman is out this week, i am going to try and make my way up to the Empire to go see it. I am off Friday night, Sat and Sunday. I work all three till 6:00, so i should be fine. Maybe i should go to Pittsburgh...have one of those momma sized sandwhiches...crazy Robbo..crazy..here is the recpie! Anyways folks, that is all for me..have a good one!

PS- Me First & The Gimmie Gimmies: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!!

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