Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Perhaps I Should Do Just That...Happy Almost 2nd Anniversary Robbblogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Hey!
Well how is everyone? Just fine and peachy? Well it is almost the 2nd anniversary of Robbblogs!!?!?!?!?! How the hell did that happen eh? Alot has happened since that first ever post that was written at Perkins within the SUB at Acadia University. At that particular point in time i wanted something, redemption..why redemption? Because BF...i mean Darth Vader had grossly misgraded me as had JM..aka The Bitch of the Baskervilles did some years earlier, they had not just done that, they had also underestimated me..well well well a few years later and with a big FAT major in my hand i am packaged and ready to be headed for Japan to teach ESL to those who need it...also in the last two years i lost my Father who was my mentor and guiding light, i miss you everyday Dad and i hope that i do you proud.

What else is a happening? Well on Saturday i aquired some Guns N Roses tickets!!! Well..one ticket up in the nosebleed section. Friends are making comments that it is really Axl and Roses and of course Captain Redneck said that they are a one hit wonder...yeah yeah right, one of the best selling bands of all time a one hit wonder? Go play your frickin banjo ya silly redneck!

Ok...once and for all...here is a good definition of redneck that i found...

In modern usage, redneck predominantly refers to a particular stereotype of whites from the Southern United States. The word can be used either as a pejorative or as a matter of pride, depending on context.The redneck stereotype:The term redneck is seen by some people to be both racist and classist, as it is was originally used to describe a person of pale skin that has been sunburned doing outdoor work or field work, and disproportionately applies to the poor. Today, a redneck is a stereotypical southern United States socially conservative, fiscally liberal, rural, working class white person with northern European ancestry.
The popular etymology says that the term derives from such individuals having a red neck caused by working outdoors in the sunlight over the course of their lifetime. The effect of decades of direct sunlight on the exposed skin of the back of the neck not only reddens fair skin, but renders it leathery and tough, and typically very wrinkled by late middle age. Another popular theory stems from the use of red bandanas tied around the neck to signify union affiliation during the violent clashes between United Mine Workers and owners between 1910 and 1920.
Some historians claim that the term redneck originated in 17th century Virginia, when indentured servants were sunburnt while tending plantation crops.
A redneck is usually typified in popular culture by a straight male with a beer belly that consumes cheap American beer such as Busch or Miller by the case (Pabst Blue Ribbon in more traditional settings) as well as Jack Daniel's. They are generally distrustful or dislike anyone not like them or the government. The stereotypical redneck lives in a trailer, and drives an old, large, beat-up pickup truck with a gun rack in the rear window. He generally wears a stained, sleeveless t-shirt, blue jeans, and a trucker hat.
Their hair is generally worn in the mullet style, and they favor long sideburns. Personal hygiene is a lost concept with the stereotypical redneck, and what teeth they have left generally show the complete anthology of the stages of dental caries. Their favorite activities include hunting, shooting at road signs and lights, professional wrestling, NASCAR, monster truck rallies, car engine repair, collecting junked cars and large appliances on their lawns, having way too many children and dogs, participating in domestic disturbances, and waiting around for their welfare checks. Country and Southern Rock bands such as Lynyrd Skynyrd figure in as their preferred genre of music.
Stereotypical redneck females have similar characteristics and interests on a feminine scale. They are most often seen barefoot, pregnant and wear Daisy Duke shorts with stiletto heels.

Good one eh?

Of course this Saturday the Axemen are playing SMU this weekend at Acadia and me and my nephew are heading up to see the game. Hopefully an Acadia victory will put them back in the top 10 rankings (Currently they are #12 in the country) After the game we are thinking of going to go see either Trailer Park Boys: The Movie or Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning...one of the two anyways. I did have someone this weekend ask me what is wrong with kids with their thongs and wearing stocking caps in Fall weather...i told them to get out of the 1950s and join us in this century whenever it is good for them. Me and my nephew got into a sounboard war the other night using Ebaum's World...the Arnold Schwarzenegger board is still my fav while he seemed to like the Stifler board, anyways my Mother had company and wanted to hear where all the noise was originating, i told her to sneak up on my nephew who didn't know anyone had entered the room..she snuck over to him and he let out the most girly scream i had ever heard!!!!! HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHI have the portable tv ready for Thursday night at work for the first Hockey Night in Canada of the season!!!! Actually i bought a bunch of CD Jewel cases today at the dollar store because i am making some new mixes for the drive up to the football game on Saturday. Lots of metal ...old school stuff like Iron Maiden and
Judas Priest..maybe some Ratt..who knows? Of course because i criticized my nephew's flannel jacket the Captain is now calling me Sir Robert of Acadia..kind of got a ring to it eh?
I spent the weekend with that special person of unholy coolness..we watched some movies and generally hung around. Lots of golden oldies we watched like Friday The 13th and Dawn of the Dead as well as the new Bettie Page movie. Lots of fun! I will miss her this weekend when she goes home for Thanksgiving...she likes Keith's so some weekend we are going to have a case or two..hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! She must be the coolest awesomest woman in the world when she can survive a viewing of frickin METALSTORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She had a cold the other day so i took care of her with lots of Celebrity Jeopardy!!!!!!!
So is Acadia going to drop the Acadia Advantage program? The program that put us on the map is also one that drove tuition through the frickin roof!!! There are eleven other universities in the Maritimes and as well as other universities, colleges and those at the community college level that are vying for the dollars and cents of young people. Having a tuition of $8,062, which is double the Canadian average is not very appealing to Joe and Mary Blue Collar who cannot afford to send junior to Acadia. Drop the program now, ignore the do gooders and listen to yourself. This week for the first time ever i sent to the mail here in good ol Middleton and i recieved a letter from Acadia Alumni asking for money, something they never ever did before, especially when it states about how enrollment is down. At least someone is being honest and coming forward with the facts. Yes i have good memories of my Laptop, from my first year when i didn't know how to even use the fricking thing to the very end and the 2nd end in
2004-05...but it may now become another relic of the past, something else to put on display in the Watson Kirkconnel room or somewhere...oh well they say you can't fight progress, but you also can't fight failing enrollment levels either...
Anyways gang that is all for now..have a good one!

PS- The Misfits: Where Eagles Dare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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