Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Wait it Out...

Hey there bloggeronies! What is a happening? Well not too too much. Tomorrow i am going to phone Nova Japan and see what the big scoop is, my last contact with them was the start of September and they said processing on my enterance to Japan would take 6-8 weeks. So six weeks is almost up and i am going to check in and see what is happening. There are those who are jumping with joy at seeing me depart...sucks to be them eh? My life is changing so rapidly. I'm not sure what I wanna be... but, I understand I've still got a lot to learn. So else is happening? Well my super duper coolest friend in the world went home yesterday and comes back today i guess. Hope she had a good time home as i think about her all of the time. So i went out last night and watched the hockey Axemen lose their 5th in a row, this time to Moncton. They are taking quite a bit of time to gel as a new team so hopefully they will get it together soon. I picked up my ticket for the oldtimers game next Sunday! It will be awesome seeing The Hammer and Knuckles and BAttlin Billy playing for the same team, wish Dad was here and going with me as i am sure it will be fun times. I wish i was going to the Axemen-Mounties football playoff game on SAturday, but i have to work...oh well... Halloween is on Tuesday night and i will actually be home! I used to so love Halloween, even as we lived in the Passage the ol Voorhees costume would come out and i alwasy had a blast, what is funny that i revived an updated version of that old Jason costume for my days at Acadia and at Mount Allison. Fun times eh? Who would steal a statue of Dennis the Frickin Menace?!?!?!?!?!? It was probably a frat and the pics will be online soon... I worked for the first time in ages in Greenwood yesterday..fun, loved working with the girls but man are some customers ever annoying eh? I think if i was rich i would issue everyone a widescreen television so that they could see why widescreen is so damned awesome and why full screen SUCKS BIG TIME!!! Maybe what i really need is some Deep-Fried Coca Cola?!?!??!What a storm here last night...was one wild ol ride home from Wolfville lemmie tell ya! I am thinking the feud of the year just might be Micheal J Fox Vs Rush Limbaugh!!! All Fox wanted to do was arge Missouri voters to support stem cell research in an ad for Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Claire McCaskill. Limbaugh is under seige from people mad at him, heard one person refer to him as RASH LIMPDICK!!! HAahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahhaah!!!!!Actually here is an awesome National Lampoon list i found on the net the other day...

"What To Expect From College, According To National Lampoon Movies"
-The president of the student government will have actual power.
-Famous bands will often show up and play at random house parties.
-The dean is evil, as is his wormy assistant
.-There’s a black guy. One black guy. And guess what? He’s your buddy.
-Failing a class has absolutely no consequences.
-Your dorm room will have the following amenities: a private bedroom, a balcony, a hot tub, naked women and enough room to move around.
-An Indian kid with a funny accent will make your acquaintance and, eventually, help you out of a jam.-
You’ll never see, or hear from, your parents. The same goes for your friends from home.
-Your roommate’s younger sister will be super hot, totally into you, but way off limits.
-RA? What RA? Feel free to spark up that huge bong sitting in plain sight on your coffee table!
-One frat on campus will be exclusively for rich assholes, all of whom hate you and your ragamuffin friends.
-The only girl you really like will be dating either the captain of the football team, a staunch young republican or the president of the above mentioned fraternity.
-At some point you're going to have make a grand gesture in front of the entire school to save your frat and win back the heart of the girl who has mistaken you for an asshole thanks to a series of comic mishaps.
-You’ll win in the end. And then there will be a big party.

Good one eh?Anyways folks that is all for now, i am gonna go out in this messy ol weather and work 12-6 at the store formerly known as Andrew's and hopefully see the coolest friend in the world when i come home tonight! Have a good one!

PS- The Clash: London Calling (Live) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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