Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Wake Up the Voiceless

Hey there bloggeronies! What is a happening? Well i actually have two days off in a row! Score! What else? Well last Thursday i went to the Zedex in Greenwood to go see the newest movie from the Rock entitled Gridiron Gang and well there were ummmm three people in the entire movie theatre! It was a good flick, your typical sports flick where team sucks, gets good, faces adversity and wins it all in the end. Funny how the team was beating one another up at the start of the film and high fiving and buddy buddy about 30-40 minutes in. Me and the world's coolest woman went up to me old stomping grounds of Acadia University on Saturday so she could go visit an old pal of her's at Eaton House. Weird to see Eaton House looking so ummmm..nice! And Co-ed to boot..well both Eaton and Chipman are co-ed now. We went and ate at Joe's where i devoured some Scot's Skins!!! (ROCK ON!) and while walking back up it was so weird to see Tower all dark and closed up, how many Saturday's did parties and stuff happen there eh? As my father would have said, now it looks like a spare dick at a wedding..(Never knew that one..) Oh i think i will ask my Super Duper rockin friend if she wants to go see Saw 3 which i believe is out this weekend. Well all of the Axemen teams lost on the weekend with the hockey Axemen on a now three game losing streak! Weird eh? However The Mount Allison Mounties football squad is now on a two game winning streak!?!?!?!?!!? Their first since 1999-00!!!! They are now tied for second place. So today i purchased some tickets for an oldtimers game happening at Acadia Arena on November 5th! NHL oldtimers include Billy Smith, Dave "The Hammer" Schultz and one of my favorite Habs of all time, Chris "Knuckles" Nilan! Sounds like good times eh? Actuially there was a major announcement just the other day on the AUFC Football Playoffs...

"Atlantic University Sport has announced the following decision on the balance of the 2006 regular season schedule and playoff format. all four teams will qualify for the playoffs and StFX, Saint Mary's and Mount Allison will play a seven game regular season schedule. Acadia will finish in first place and will host the 4th place team in one semifinal while the 2nd place team will host the 3rd place team in the other semifinal, both to be played on Saturday, November 4th."Adversity due to a breakout of the Norwalk virus at Mount Allison and StFX brought about the need to make difficult decisions related to completing the 2006 football schedule," said Mr. Phil Currie, Executive Director of Atlantic University Sport. "I would like to thank the four football athletic directors, our sport chair, Mr. Kevin Dickie and our office staff for participating in a very positive way towards a manageable solution to this problem. This decision was difficult because whichever direction it went there were potentially some members more affected then others. Fortunately, we have sport administrators who understand the importance of student welfare and cooperation in times of extreme difficulty."

Wow! Everyone is in!

Well the 6-8 weeks i had to wait to hear back from Nova Japan is almost up and as of next week if i do not hear anything i am going to call their offices on Monday. Every wonder about some places? I see Acadia U scrambling to save face with enrollment being down as i see more jobs were just cut. And they recently stated that they wanna cut out the laptop programmes as that is what drove tuition up in the first place. Heck Tower being closed is a symbol of the plight right now because a few years ago in 2000-01 there was a waiting list of some 300 people that just wanted to get into residence and only 27 wanted to live in Tower in 2006-07? People give me the BS of another residence opening as the downfall, no man it is because of the ridiculous tuition, sure Tower is a pit, but maybe there be people there if not for the tuition hikes. I sometimes wonder about their hiring practices in the first place. I saw something just the other week that made my blood boil and i would dearly love just to hear that particular person explain themselves, why i think Acadia has Jumped The Shark as they like to say and this particular individual is their own personal TED McGINLEY as everything it gets its hands on eventually dies a slow and painful death soon or a little while after ol Ted is done with it. Sigh.
Anywho folks, i am off to shower and walk the doggies..have a good one!

PS- The Damned: New Rose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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