Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

All This Is That...

"To unpathed waters...undreamed shores."
-William Shakepeare

Hey friends and non-friends alike, i am headed up at Acadia shortly. Why? Well let ya know soon enough. It is a nice day here, had time to relax, take life in a bit...let my allergies act up...no grass in Japan, no pollen...it was a nice feelin. Last night went for a drive with a friend and went down past Annapolis Royal and Upper Clemons, it was nice. Nice to just drive Ma's car up to aboot 110 and just drive. Last night i re-arranged my room, let the demons out of it and that felt good as well. I should give a shout out to a friend back in Japan who emailed me yesterday to see if i had made it home safe, when the others left me to rot, there was this one friend from the beginning that was there for me and was willing to do what it took to ensure my freedom. To help save me from misery, this friend took a hell of a risk and has my eternal friendship. This friend is also escaping the stupidity and hopefully we will meet again one day face to face because i owe this friend one. Yeah this friend is ok in my book and somedays, my book can be awfully thin. We achieved thru escape, we dont have to put up with anymore BS and like i said, i am happy now to be free. Poorer in the pocket? Yeah...richer in the soul? Hell yeah! So the rest of everyone, take it easy..chill out and when the smoke clears i will let you know what i am up to and what the hell happened. It has been a hell of a season, one of highs and lows, of good times and losses, but in the end i remember the good stuff and the losses were not that big a deal now that i have had time to reflect on them. Sometimes i am the master of my own misery and sometimes i have help from others to make more misery. But i am here standing, they are not. Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do..Right now i am glad to be here, home of the Valley, home of my great alma mater and free as hell to achieve what i want.

"By learning you will teach;by teaching you will understand."
-Latin Proverb

Were truer words ever spoken? And what did i miss most besides family? I missed friends, i missed Acadia sports, my dogs, driving, Kraft Dinner, Canadian Beer, and i missed one hell of an EPJH Reunion at Big Leagues in Cole HArbour! I wont miss the next one that is for dam sure! And right now there is someone close to me whom is a bit of a lost soul, dont quit my friend...my good little buddy winners never quit and quitters never win...if i can pass anything on to you, it would be my enthusiasm for getting on with it, a good point that others tried to take away from me. I can sum up everything I've learned about life my little buddy... it goes on. There was a line in the latest ROCKY movie where Sly says "The older i get, the more things i gotta give up, thats life..all i am asking you to do is whats right." Heed that advice dude... Anyways folks i am off to shower and get on with the day.

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