Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Now What?

"To perceive is to suffer."- Aristotle

Hey bloggeronies...

I arrived back in good ol NS tonight at 12:40...why did it end? I will tell everyone the whole truth someday when i am good and ready. Many already know the truth. May thoughts entwine and minds combine...but how do i feel? A wide range of emotions. Part of me is really happy, part of me is really mad. Part of me does not trust. If someone does not have your back or believe in you, so then what is the point? Wash your hands of the situation? Please? It makes you look like crap and bush league- made you look amateur and inferior. Emotions sometime cause us to become angry at a situation, like this one. Our mind causes us to become angry with others and release our despair. What am i to do? Well i could go back to Acadia this year and take some courses and then go and take education in 2008-09. I could go to Fort Kent like i wanted to a few years ago and then there is the University of Washington in Seattle near my sisters. The sky is the limit for me. Right now i wanna be near home and enjoy some of this freshValley weather, mow the grass, walk the dogs. I am not dead, rather i am alive and well ad when i get rested up and me mind cleared a bit more, then i will be back on the warpath so to speak. It was an experience whether good nor bad and it is something i can add to my resume. Dad used to say, "You gotta get experience to have experience." So some 6-7 months later, i have some experience. So peeps dont listen to second rate rumors, you wanna know about stuff, then come and find me and we can discuss. I got alot of positives out of my experience, but in the end i was just another piece of meat, someone whos ass filled a seat and when the chips were down was left to fend for himself. I survived because i am a survivor. I can take a negative and turn it into a positive. And i will be back on my feet before you know it, right now i am suffering from burn out and well, jetlag. It is like my beloved Dad always said..."Son, stick your hand in a pail of water and tell me what you have when you take it back out." I would reply, "Nothing" So that is how i feel about the situation. I wasted my time when i could have been doing something else....now the loss will be someone else's gain.
Nite Bloggeronies

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