Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Working For The Weekend....Again...

Hello dudes n foxy ladies how are things? Well Old Man Robb is done Chapter 8 of his education course and well folks...only Chapter's 9 and 10 to go! Then it will be onto a course called EDUC 4683: Linguistics for Teachers which explores the fundamentals of linguistics: phonetics and phonology, morphology, syntax, pedagogical grammar, sociolinguistics, and discourse analysis and will discuss how this linguistic knowledge is relevant to the teaching of English as a second language. The objectives of the second course will enable me as a future ESL teacher to define the importance of these areas linguistics in the classroom, especially the ESL/EFL classroom  and to make useful the knowledge of linguistics to anticipate and assist students with language issues.

Heavy stuff eh? Chapter nine is on Intercultural communication which looks at how it relates to classroom interaction and student behavior, and at the bigger picture of the status of English and the kinds of models we should be using in our classrooms. It does look to be a heavy chapter because by the end of it i should be able to be aware of the ways in which intercultural communication affects classroom interaction, be able to participate in the current debate on English as an International Language, be able to critically evaluate the intercultural scope of textbooks,  and have considered the question of what it means to be a native or non-native speaker.

Its sad how the last time i blogged i babbled on about Graham James, resident wormslime being able to recieve a pardon...drumroll now this week following suit is Karla Homolka...now here is something that i copied and pasted for your reading enjoyment...A pardon suggests forgiveness and that the slate is wiped clean. It suggests that the justice system is apologizing to the criminal for having treated her so harshly, and that evil, and the memories it leaves behind, can be erased with the stroke of a pen.. can't anybody do something? Prime Minster Harper? Someone? The deal she got for ratting out equal scumbag Paul Bernado was an insult to those poor victims families...her plea bargain, getting a university degree in jail from Queens which was funded by our  tax dollars, getting a new identity etc etc is a slap in the face to Canadians and to the families of the victims... karma will catch up to her someday...
Oh my poor Habs.. down 3-1 in the series to the powerful Caps led by Alexander Ovechkin..well i think after Friday night Les Habitants will be breaking out the golf clubs and joining the Maple Laughs on the golf course..hard to believe..but yet true..the Habs are too small, defence is too slow, they do not have a break out superstar like a Crosby or an Ovechkin and they haven't had one since Guy Laflleur, the kind of player that you could tap on the shoulder and say get me a goal.... and i think that it is time for Carey Price to move on..it's been what? Three years or so now? Time to let someone take him off the Habs hands this summer and collect some draft choices in exchange...poor kid is referred to as "Red Light Price" and its only going to get worse playing in a hockey hotbed like Montreal.

Of course i cannot wait until Friday when me and Blair are heading up to good ol Windsor to the War Mermorial to go watch Mainstream Wrestling.. always a fun night in Windsor where the fans can get alot closer to the action than going to see a WWE houseshow, kids can get autographs and stuff too, meet the wrestlers.. always a good time...

Fri, April 23 - Windsor, NS: War Memorial Community Centre
Sat, April 24 - Digby, NS: Digby Arena
Sun, April 25 - Barrington Passage, NS: Barrington Arena
Mon, April 26 - Lunenburg, NS: Community Centre Auditorium
Wed, April 28 - New Glasgow Royal Cdn. Legion Branch 34 on Provost St.
Thurs, April 29 - Dartmouth, NS: Dave Doolittle's Sports Bar & Grill
Fri, April 30 - Stratford, PEI: Town Hall Gymnasium
Sat, May 1 - Moser River, NS: Firehall
Thurs, May 20 - Dartmouth, NS: Dave Doolittle's Sports Bar & Grill
Fri, May 21 - Eskasoni, NS: Sarah Denny Cultural Center
Sat, May 22 - Sydney, NS: St. Andrew's United Church Hall
Mon, May 24 - Marystown, NL: Marystown Arena
Tues, May 25 - Torbay, NL: Torbay Arena
Thurs, May 27 - Bay Roberts, NL: The Bay Arena
Fri, May 28 - Bonavista, NL: Cabot Stadium
Sat, May 29 - Lewisporte, NL: Lion's Club
Sun, May 30 - Grand Falls-Windsor, NL: Joe Byrne Memorial Arena
Mon, May 31 - Corner Brook, NL: Pepsi Studio
Tues, June 1 - Port Aux Basques, NL: Bruce II Sports Centre
Wed, June 2 - St. Anthony, NL: St. Anthony Olympia
Fri, June 4 - Port Hope Simpson, NL: Recreation Centre
Sat, June 5 - Cartwright, NL: Cartwright Gymnasium
Mon, June 7 - Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL: E.J. Broomfield Arena
Tues, June 8 - Labrador City, NL: Wabush Arena
Thurs, June 10 - Neguac, NB: Sportsplex Arena
Friday, June 11 - Neguac, NB, Sportsplex Arena
Saturday, June 12 - Grand Manan Island, NB, Boys & Girls Club

Of course earlier this week me and my Momma went to Pearl's in Paradise which is a legendary roadside stop just located in where else? Paradise just outside Bridgetown...me and Blair where chatting about the crowd control at Pearl's and how sometimes the wait times can get hectic and how suprised we were that there has not yet been a car accident there yet and just wondering since they had all that space there why they just do not build a year round restaurant? Perhaps that would be stomping on tradition... but they do have the space for it...just food for thought..

I did do some spying the other day and well the AUS Football schedule is not up yet (Always the last ones to publish their schedule...why?) however the Axemen are going to be playing Bishop's on Saturday, September 18th which is a good four, almost five months from now.. i know i know..would make a good idea for a road trip though eh? Goggle mapped it and it is something like a 12 hr trip from here to Bishops...would be fun though..

Well i saw on this ol internet thingy the other day that the new Friday The 13th sequel has been put on hold...how hard is it to make a Friday The 13th? Jason in woods, stalks teens smoking dope and having pre-marital sex and BOOM ya gotta Friday flick...and this thing made 91 million off a budget of 19 mil..profits to be made..perhaps the release of A Nightmare on Elm Street next Friday will get another Friday goin..cause ya all know that Jason never dies...

Speaking of movies and stuff the Valley Drive-in opens next weekend as well..if the new Nightmare was playing first weekend i would go, but you know that they have to pander up to the families so some indoor bullstuff is playing instead..ahh the drive-ins..memories of Dodge-Road Drive-in and or even the drive-in located in Sackville...good days of cheap carloads and people having cook outs on the BBQ at the drive in which you are not allowed to do in Coldbrook by the way, if your making your own burgers, your not buying their's... too bad eh? Next thing you know you won't be able to bring lawnchairs or some BS...

Ahhh to remember the glory days of the drive-in

Oh i forgot this is Saturday at the Kentville Arena...
Would love to check it out...but work calls...however there are lots of chances to catch it this summer and here are some of the dates:
May 2nd- East Hants Sportsplex: Lantz, Nova Scotia
May 9th- County Arena: Coxheath (Sydney) NS
May 23rd- Lord Beaverbrook Arena, Miramichi City NB
May 30th- Sackville Stadium, Lower Sackville, NS
June 6th- Border Arena, St. Stephen, NB
June 13th- Kay Arena Moncton, NB
                                                   June 20th- Cole Harbour Place NS
June 27th- Lunenburg Arena, NS
July 4th- Pictou/ New Glascow TBA
July 11th- Capital Exhibit Centre, Fredericton, NB
July 18th- Char'town Civic Centre, Charlottetown, PE
July 25th- Mariner Centre, Yarmouth, NS
August 1st- The Glacier Arena, Mount Pearl (St. John's Area), NL
August 8th- Amherst Arena, Amherst NS

I wish i could go..ya never know what kinda stuff you will find at the flea market..
I finally got my mitts on Slash's solo album on Friday...hmmm..a little mixed feelings, Lemmy and Iggy Pop were the best things there.. the Alice Cooper track was a bonus track and not on the CD i got (Ugh...) The David Grohl/ Duff track was an instrumental...a bit of a tick off because i wanted to hear the two of them belt out a tune..Fergie should stay with her crappy band..Halifax Rocks? You mean Halifax Raps! And no im not spending money just to see Weezer and then leave...and the point i wanna make is Ozzy...i thought the choice of making a power ballad with Oz was a bad one...Ozzy had done ALOT of slow songs the last few albums and i was hoping the combo of Ozzy/ Slash would rock out a bit.. the lyrics were an obvious stab at someone (A.X.L) i dunno Oz annoys me sometimes...spend lots of $$$ to see him play some 70 minutes in Hfx a few yrs ago... was let down (Don't get Craig started on that one...) im just wondering if sometimes it is time for the Oz man to hang it up...
Remember that guy?

Oh before i leave i do have to say one thing...

Whoever this is...MARRY ME NOW!!!!! :D

That is all for now folks!

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