Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Monday, December 31, 2012

The Robb Hawley Year in Review: 2012-13

Well another year is in the can.. what they heck happened this year? Well it started out like yesterday.. w/ crappy weather and lemmie see.. umm finally saw Deep Purple in concert in Halifax/ Saw the Boston Bruins Alumni team at the Appledome in Berwick/ The old Berwick Arena closed and was torn down :( / A summer full of the usual- car shows and wrestling in the Valley/ The return of BEEP/ Saw Cheap Trick at the Casino in Halifax and caught a guitar pick/ Saw Honeymoon Suite at the Ex/ Met Jason Voorhees himself, Kane Hodder in Tatamagouche which also has a train station hotel and on the way back visited the Flintstones Village and a giant Mastodon.

More importantly this summer i completed my TESOL teaching practicum at Acadia University, that consisted of 108 hours of course work and actually teaching in a university classroom for 20 hours.. for a brat who antagonized every teacher he ever had while growing up and who many many many people said he could never do it (You know whom you are!) It was a great feeling of accomplishment for Old Man Robb...  In addition to my Acadia TESOL Certificate, i also added my TESOL Nova Scotia and TESOL Canada Certificates in the Fall. Plus i was featured in the Acadia Alumni Magazine which was a great feeling in itself :)

This fall saw my lovely sister visit for a week from Seattle and the first ever Halifax Mooseheads exhibition game in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. Also saw Justin not quite completing the Pancake Challenge at the Capital Pub. This Fall also saw the Acadia Axemen Football Team for the SECOND straight season win the AUS in a big win over SMU in front of over 3,000 fans at Raymond Field and go 7-1 on the season. As a fan who went to every home game and listened to all the bias on Eastlink and in the Chronicle Horrid about the team (Must be SMU fans commenting and writing.. :P ) it was quite satisfying to see..

 Also the year of the NHL lockout... do yourselves a favor eh? Go to the rinks.. watch the kids play/ watch the high school kids/  watch some junior.. hey we have the SECOND RANKED hockey university team in the whole country right her in our backyard, the Acadia Axemen.. go support them...

 Anyways folks tomorrow is 2013... some new adventures are on the horizon.. some new stuff happening.. what else can i say? Have a good one!

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