Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Trying To Find Balance...A Bender Will Save Us All

A good long time no chitty chat me webslingers and webslingerettes!!!! I am in the middle of writing me takehome examination for Modern Theory, it is hard stuff these take home examinations, it sounds harder that sitting down and writing an actual examination in class, but to have to only write 500 words for 4 questions, i mean these are questions whose answers could probably consume an entire book! Well, in between this i have been working in Middleton and in Greenwood, this is me big day off, last night was scary at the little store that could formerly known as Andrew and Town & Country- around 10:45 last night the power went out as i was putting our garbage in the back closet, our back windows are completely covered, so i immdietely locked the doors and closed the stores, no way was i having some goon in stuffing his pockets with our merchandise. So i locked up and went home, the power was back on around 11:20, so that was ok. I spent a good chunk of the other day at the Vaughn sitting in one of the private booths with a lady friend of mine procrastinating. Yes, one i have a crush on...but she doesn't really know it, or she does know it and just never addresses it.... watched her talk to guys on MSN, including friends of mine and watching her mockingly hitting on them, plus she does not think highly of her looks, even though she says that she does, via little smiley faces on MSN and stuff, i was fooling around, putting my arms around her and stuff, clutching her hands, we were holding hands walking out of the study area where the pop machines are in the BAC, well...she didn't run away anyways... i was a chicken though, she told one of my friends on MSN that she has never been kissed and i almost responded on MSN that i could fix that problem...but i was way too chickens*** to do anything about it i am afraid.... i finished my Assignment # 3 paper for Sociology of Education, it was entitiled, "The Politics of Teaching" and dealt with how many teachers have been left behind; they are victims often of budget constraints and they also do not feel valued. Before there were any teachers unions, teachers were treated even worse by superiors and by the educational hierarchy. It has been a struggle to be seen as a professional, teaching as a profession. Teachers deserve more status and recognition. It sounds good to me eh? ...hey Acadia/ Wolfville...get one of these franchises.....NOW!!!!! I swear if we did get one, i know certain people that would NEVER leave it... cereal...wow! Our prof gave us the outline for Assignment #4 that is due in April, i haven't looked at it yet, but i shall have to soon because the day will be here before we know it...i have to get a cracking on me assignment on Andre Gunder Frank, i present on the 30th of March and i have to have a 12 page paper to me Modern Social Theory prof on the 6th of April... I work tomorrow from 10-6 in Greenwood and then i has to head to the BAC...well actually i have to head to the Vaughn...i am meeting Princess Leia there!!! Well, she needs help with her assignment for Modern Social Theory and i she tells me that she is good with stats and stuff, so maybe we can have an arrangement where you scratch my back and i'll jump on yours...i mean...ummmmmmmm...boy i am an old horn dog...cute kid, but just a kid basically...just like my friend i was talking about above... man i feel so old! Found an awesome old commercial for old school WWF LJN action figures that i have not seen since like something like ummmm...1987, ahhhh to be a kid in the Passage again, sitting at friends houses, putting red nail polish on the figures faces to create the image of a 5-star blade job...screaming out ring introductions, making Hulk Hogan lose all the time and strapping the belt around Randy Savage or Roddy Piper....to be young again...Well kiddies...i was paid and headed down to Fundy Spray, it is not the Mid Valley where the Acadia Lines bus heads to now, i thought i could buy a ticket, but apparently you have to buy your ticket the day of your departure, which is at 9:15 on April 1st, so i opened an envelope, put $160 in there and put it in me sock drawer... why not the bank? Cause ol Robbo is like his other bruders...he gets money and burns it!!!! I know i would see something and BAM!!! Gots to have it! I was in Zellers the other day and BAM!!! I see the ECW Dvd in stock...for $34.00 ...almost kiddies....almost...... The Axemen lost to Moncton on Wednesday night...these things happen i guess, the Chronically Horrid stated that the Axemen are back the other day, but they are back as long as they are winning, we do have a lot of fairweather fans, it is not like the Maple Leafs...or Laughs as we used to fondly call them during The Dr Ballard yrs, they sucked big giant moose d*** and their fans used to still go see them, dunno why..frickin glutons for punishment i guess, and somebody still had the gonads to call them Canada's team..hello...1966...i know someone who stated that he likes both the Habs and the Maple Leafs...WHAT THE F***!?!?!?!? That is seriously swinging both ways folks...(Sorry to offend anyone...jeesh...) It is comparable to liking both the Red Sox and the Yankees...just can't happen... bastards....well I guess that the wormslime that always states the excretment that is the Maple Laughs as Canada's team don't visit the province of Quebec then..... but the Axemen are the talk of the town again, for now...but so would any of our other teams too, the football, basketball, chess team, potato sack racing team, any of them would be, all i am saying is that alot only want to be seen being supportive if we are winning, look at the Oilers when Peter Puck sold off all their good players, the fans didn't want to watch a stinky Mickey Mouse product and vanished, only to reappear when the team picked up a little and made the playoffs...only to lose to Dallas like what? ummm..every year? Next year shall tell the tale, i know i shall attend when i can... Well, i did recieve a response back about Radio Acadia, i wonder if we should ditch the name, all i associate with it is past false promises and utter bull**** even though i had a really educational learning experience back in 2000-01 with the original Assume The Position with good ol Jacko- where is Jacko? I would love to know! Time to call Mr Blinn.... anyhow, CHMA up at Mount A is good cause they have an outside, full time manager- an outside manager will not play favorites, hire all their friends who have all the talent of a bb shell in a boxcar, play your 30% new and Canadian content and watch your station grow, don't start to have delusions of grandur and crap like that...speaking of Canadian content, Sloan have once again made it to the top of Chart Magazine's critics' poll. Twice Removed was named the best Canadian album of all time. Smeared, One Chord to Another and Navy Blues also made the top 50, credit where credit is due.... oh well, it is that time i guess to start doing questions 3 and 4 of me take home, have some cake, open some presents and enjoy the rest of me day off, have a good one webslingers and don't forget to hoochie poochie!!! Lates!!!!
PS- I leave you with one my favorite's from last yrs, Assume The Position....
The Get-Up Kids- Mass Pike

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