Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

Hellllllllllloooo Webslingers, Webslingerettes and assorted Wormslime!!?!?!?!?!!!! Well, it has been awhile, not too too much happening, except that me trip back to the wild middle of nowhere that is Harper Hall at MTA is happening in eight days!!! I have the money for me tickey saved, i leave the Fundy Spray Motel at 9:15 on April 1st and i shall arrive at MTA or the Esso or whatever it was around 4 something in the afternoon, it shall be hot times in the Maritimes daddy! I am still in the middle of me Andre Gunder Frank paper, the speech of which i am to be giving on this coming Monday, i think i shall be chatted about underdevelopment in Latin America, past and present. Alot of the Frank books from the library are gone out, luckily for myself i took the liberty of spending an afternoon at the Vaughn aboot a month ago and colleecting all kinds of Frank information, both there and from scholarly journals and from online, well credible online sources. I recieved me assignment #2 back in Quanitative Methods yesterday, i scored a 7/10 on the assignment, not my finest hour, but it was math and i did not have to recieve much in the way of outside help in doing it, so my professor was glad to hear that n stuff. I passed in my take-home for Modern Theory on Monday and i was some glad to have it done, i got away with not doing a single Che question, which i bet everyone....well probably pretty much everyone else did Che, just like our major assignment, alot of people are presenting on Che, i remember when i took Canadian History a few yrs ago, we were allowed to pick any Canadian politican before 1980 and NO TRUDEAU!!!! I think we should have done that with Che, cause there are going to be so many of him and he is the easiest to find information on...just me opinion, what do i know, i am just a Professional Student...sigh..Monday we have a guest speaker for class and he had come all the way from Cuba, and this one guy in class broke the cardinal rule of guest speakers No #1..No matter how frickin borning a guy might be, and this guy was really good, answered questions about Cuba's educational system and about what is going to happen when Castro dies and stuff...this guy, after about the first 10 minutes of this poor guys speech, gets up, puts on his jacket and walks out, no excuse me or nothing, right in front of the poor guy speaking!!! What an ass!..If i was the prof, that would soooooooooo be the first paper that i took out of the pile...and i would crucify it with a wired iron brushno need of that bulls***!!!..Where are the Grease Trucks around here? I found an article about a student who went to Rutgers University in New Jersey who was short on change one night and wanted to eat, the rest is history as he had a sandwhich named after him called the, "Fat Darrell" ....probably another case of Sodexo- Marrirot not wanting us to have any fun or anything...try having a bake sale in res...try it...I for one, being of not slim body and a huge Appetite for Destruction would have made the Grease Trucks in Wolfville famous after another classic nite at the AXE..speaking of which, i finally found a list of events of going-ons at the AXE...hope this helps eh?

Monday- FAT Monday- Pizza, Football and a whole lotta' good times
Tuesday- Po' Student Night- No $$, No Problems - Free Pool from 7-10 pm
Wednesday- Wingin' and Swingin'- F'N Wing Night is back with a twist
Thursday- Thrilla Thursday- Wear clean underwear, you never know what can happen
Friday- Killer Carbs, Killer Moves!- Eat 'til you burst! Dance 'til you drop!
Saturday- Random Tandum Night- Week's over - Giver!
Monday- Pizza & Jug (Draft or Cocktail)- $16.00
Wednesday- Wings- $0.25
Friday- All you can eat Spaghetti- $3.99
Not the cheapest wings eh? What the hell happened to $0.10?!?!?!?! I wonder why the hrs of operation are now not till 4 in the afternoon? Too many drunks going to class or too many people eating at the Axe and not upstairs at Pizza Pizza and stuff... oh well...at least the hrs here are better than at the Pub at Mount A, they don't open till 8 at night, i razed the boys last yr saying they don't drink enough...silly ol Robbo...can't wait for the visit, to where people can remember how to party... sorry Acadia, too corporate for my tastes..i guess that it why i am too much of a fan of DIY- Do it Yourself, i dunno, just me...but it is like i have been blabbing about, university is going to become a member's only club...just a matter of time...I helped Princess Leia on Sunday night with her paper, her pronounciation and stuff...so pretty, obviously doesn't see me that way, but what the hell..i am old...what do i know anyways eh? ... the 7/10 on that assignment was the best part of Tuesday, Dad wasn't having a good day, comes with the territory, but not his best day and the fricking Suzuki decided to break down after my Sociology of Education class Monday night, i managed to start it again, then there was a bunch of old hags leaving Univversity Hall around 10ish and the damn thing broke down in front of the Tattletale Inn or whatever the frick it is called, luckily for me, a friend of my brothers had just finished playing oldtimers hockey and gave me a lift back to Kentville.... we took the Jeep back to Middleton yesterday, there were two screws loose in the alternator that i had put on in Sackville (Nova Scotia...not NB) do not ask.... me and Dad thought it was everything from the fanbelt to the battery... jeesh...i felt for my Soc of Education prof the other night, we have 60 people in class, 30 or so were there and after the break at 8:15...7...that is right...7 people were left in class...sad eh? I mean we pay what? 12 grand here, some hundred something a class and kids skip left and right, i did skip- back at Wasted Kings and in my initial run here at Acadia, but i paid the piper for doing so, low marks and stuff- do kids in high school that are coming here think profs care if they skip or not? NO they do not- i have spent countless blogs blabbing aboot it and ol Robbo shall say it again- get a college prep course or something in the high school curricula or the endless cycle shall keep continuing to go around and around and stuff.... besides the people that skipped missed a good conversation about student loans and tuition fees in Canada- ? The raising of fees in Canada is affecting middle-income families in Canada. Post-secondary education provides benefits for individuals and society at large contributes to Canadian society at large, but is now at the stage of being cost-prohibitive for many. It is an issue of equity in having access to a post-secondary education. In the 1970s, the government was the primary principal behind post-secondary education. After 1985, after the conservative years, tuition fees shot up tremendously. The pros of this is that the eight countries mentioned in the article with no university fees, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Wales and Scotland to name most of them, along with Cuba realize that educational access should be based on academic talent, not the wealth of the family, or the family name, a way of ensuring that financial barriers do not prevent qualified students from pursuing a degree. The cons of the article was out of all the rising costs, only the United States and Japan pay more in tuition costs than do Canada. What are the implications of the findings/ arguments for which groups in society? The raising costs are making university cost-prohibitive for many middle income and blue-collar families. Only the upper class and the rich are going to be able to attend post-secondary institutions, even at the undergraduate level. Do you have any criticisms/ concerns about the arguments made? Free education; is it worth anything anywhere outside of those countries? How come tuition went down in the 1970s? This is never mentioned, it is mentioned that public funding cuts to post-secondary education- passed onto students in the form of rapidly escalating costs in the early 90s. This was my response, not bed eh? Man i remember how bad i was my first yr here back in 1998-99, "Robert Hawley- What do you think of the Great Gadsby?" Man...was i a stupid ass back in the day or what??!?!?!? Anyhow...gots to go, class is starting in aboout half an hr and it is speeches time, then i am sitting in on Quanitative Methods at 4 and heading back to Middleton around 5:30 ish...lates!!!!
PS- Check out this bacon sandwhich!!!! YIKES!!!!

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