Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Sunday, March 06, 2005

When It Isn't What It Should Be...

Heloooooooooooooooooo! Webslingers big and small! Well...how is everyone? Me, tired...extra old and extra bitter.... finishing the final of the three day homestand tonight in Middleton, working from 6- 10, jut a wee little short shift, nothing to be excited at all aboot...Got me midterm tomorrow night at 7:00, am i worried? A little bit, but the prof gave us the questions beforehand, so it is not simple, but in reality we have had since last Monday night to find the answers to her questions, so it is a straight- ahead manner of go in, take the midterm, and then regurgitate the answers back on the paper..sounds easy in theory eh? Well, it is a lot of remembering and i have been down the basement since aboot Thursday trying to piece everything together in one good package, remembering stuff like cultural capital, pedagogy, critical and feminist pedagogy, the privitization of schooling and about five other definitions/ questions that are on the midterm study guide, so gang there is alot to remember by 7 tomorrow night, plus i have been so busy with this that i still have to complete me extra math homework to show me quanitative prof and my 40 pages about more Che stuff for my other soc class... crazyness...anywho, guess who the hell is coming to Halifax on May 2nd at the Civic Arena adjacent to the fabulous Halifax Forum? The legendary MOTORHEAD!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!? Lemmy!!! Lemmy!!!! Lemmy!!!! First time they have been here since opening for Alice Cooper (I didn't know he had a restuarant!?!?!?!? Franchise this Alice!!!!) back in 1988!!!!! I already have the day booked off and i am so going!!! The ticket prices have yet to be annouced, along with who's opening... (who is it gonna be? Helix? Ratt??!?!?!?!) Motorhead is one of very few bands that both punk rockers and metalheads can agree on. It's got the speed, heaviness, grit, humor--it's just pure, in your damn face, unfiltered 100% rock 'n' roll greatness...man the albums- tapes, CD's and even vinyl i have owned by this band- Motorhead (self-titled) No Remorse, March or Die, 1916 (My favorite) Overkill... ok...i have to remember i have a midterm tomorrow and stuff... Well, last night after work i came home and hooked up the webcast of the Axemen game from Moncton, well, the picy on the computer must have been on delay as it was not in sync with the english broadcast of the game on the radio...yeah, we lost- happens to the best of em, and this series is nowhere near finished yet bucko, lemmie assure you of that, the next game is happening on Wednesday, wish i could be there but there are other concerns like homework and stuff that i have to attend to that will probably bar any chance of me making it up to the game. ...was lookign for something in the basement this week and i came across a box from my first year at Acadia, it was a box of Christmas presents from my ex ex ex Moron..i mean girlfriend, she gave me presents one yr that consisted of fuzzy hancuffs, a book to a better sensual massage, Wonder Woman pez, fuzzy dice...yeah...me too...whatta winner eh? What was i thinking?!?!?!?!?!?! Man, i feel broke as old frickin hell this week due to that alternator fiasco back awhile ago so i made over $200 on me check, but most of it had to go to rent n stuff... auughh...anywho, i has to get back to me studies so i shall check out for now brown cow and perhaps blog in awhile....lates!
More Lyrics
Ataris- Fast Times at Dropout High (Great Song)
"Alone at last.
just nostalgia and i
We were sure to have a blast.
For you it was just another sunday
In a small indiana town
I went by the place where you and iWrote our names in wet cement
And for a moment remembered how it felt
To have no one understand that there's this dream
And they're not part of it. how soon we do forget.
The house was gone but the piano lingers on
And so does the fire that burned it to the ground.
You can take away all of my rights to see the day
But you can't take away my love for the day.T
hen there's the time that you took me aside
And said i was not your only son
Childhood is so fucked up.
I never had any closer friends
Than the ones i had when i was young.
Alone again just you and i
Nostalgia wave goodbye.
I think it's time for me to go."

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