Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Back in the Saddle..Sort Of..

Hey there Webslingeroonies!!! Long time no blog eh? Well I WAS down to Antigonish for the Beach Boys and it was a blast!!! Remember how burned i was? Now i am flame broiled! Well it was quite a wait to get in as the doors opened at 11:00 and there were ALOT of senior citizens there, there was a girl from Cape Breton by the last name of Ludlow who opened the show with some ol' fashioned Cape Bretion fiddle music, i am not the world's largest Maritime music fan, but she was really good, doing kicks in the air and stuff. Then there was a Beatles tribute bacn called, Abbey Road...not too bad, thoise boys wore their suts and ties out in some brutal weather. They sure looked like the real thing from where i was sitting up in the stands. Minglewood played, again not really my thing, but i suppose the Cape Bretner's love em. Then there was a good hour wait and the Beach Boys took the stage. Looking old? Yes...good show? Absolutely! They performed 11 straight songs starting with California Girls to Do You Wanna Dance before stopping to say hello to the audience. They also did some stuff that i did not expect to ehar like Getcha Back and Duke of Earl!!!! Duke Duke Duke.. ok i better stop cause that one gets stuck in the ol head pretty quick. Anyways the stadium was jammed with a good 6,000 people there. Ok Acadia, are we now going to get the Beach Boys? They are a proven draw in the Maritimes! What a drive down! It took a good three hours to get to Antigonish and then in my infinite wisdom, i decided to take a trip to Syndey, meaning another three hours on the road...why is this? I wanted to see where, My Bloody Valentine was actuially filmed, so i stopped at the Miner's Museum, but it was closed, so i went to a corner store that was right next door and he pointed to the rubble that used to be the mine as it was torn down some few years ago. Then he told me some production stories about the American camera crews that were there and pointed out to me where the laundrymat was in the film (all boarded up now) and where the bar was, which was dressed up for the film and looks nothing inside like the film, i was looking for the giant Moosehead!!! I took a walk around the rubble and i was kinda creeped out as there was an old, dirty pick laying on the ground...i figured Harry Warden must be cloise by, so i left. Oh yeah i did eat at AK lick A Chick! Good ol faschioned, down home fried chicken!!! And i drove by the North Sydney Forum where there was an advirtisement up for Grand Prix Wrestling...featuring the FABULOUS MIDGETS!!!!!! Not just Midgets...but theyb are also FABULOUS!!! I also took in the Irish Descendents show down by the wharf in Sydney, not too bad...i wish it was the Descendents!!! hahah! I went over to the biggest bar in Sydney called, Steeltown or Steelcity, it was ok. For parking the next day, i used the Antigonish Arena and man, i so should have waited, went to Tim Hortons or something after the concert to leave, because that was the most disorganized parking lot i had ever seen in my life!!!! At least at Acadia when we have an event, we have organized parking with either security or the cops directing traffic! Nope no such thing here and it was a hell of a time getting out! Oh and i hate RV's and driving behind them on the damned highway...oh and getting off in Truro and taking the Rawdon Hills or whatever...i got lost and ended up on a dirt road with my gas almost on the E...as in empty! I was never so happy to come out and see the Windsor 101 sign...i gots to Wollfville and put $10 in and made it home by 12:30... I did nothing yesterday at all, dropped into work to see how things were and stuff...i was too tired, my legs was like jello from driving and so there was no gym workout for me, i have to go today and at least i re-started my diet yesterday as i am now 215 pounds, which is a relief to be from 240 a few years ago.....lately i have been being courted by the University of Southern Maine!!! of all places!!! Me and my friend Jamie (With apologies about not seeing you and the gang over the weekend, i didn't think you guys were going to the concert!) because there is a place there called Dickey Wood Hall that we swore was the alternate universe Crowell Tower!!! So what does all of this talk mean? Well it looks like another road trip for Old Man Robb!!!! However i think i will be taking the ferry over instead of driving straight thru New Brunswick to Maine and probably staying in a motel...oh well more about all of that stuff when the time comes...the Dukes of Hazzard is the number #1 movie in North America right now, taking in some $35 million its first weekend, it is coming to Greenwood this week so i am probably going to go over to the Zedex to see it and probably take my nephew with me... i am still chatting with someone online, but i have not seen her lately, hopefully she is doing fine. Anyways i have to start my day, have breaky and head to the gym.. which it properly titled, The Fitness Experience Health Centre for those whom wanted to know.. anyways that is all for now folks!!!
PS- Here are the Grand Prix Wrestling tour dates!!!

August 16th - Baie-Sainte-Anne, NB
August 17th - Sunny Corner, NB
August 18th - Sherbrooke, NS
August 19th - Antigonish, NS - Antigonish Arena
August 20th - North Sydney, NS - North Sydney Forum
August 21st - Minto, NB - Minto Centennial Arena
August 22nd - Cocagne, NB - Cocagne Arena
August 23rd - Souris, PEI
August 24th - O'Leary, PEI
August 25th - Neguac, NB
August 26th - Petit Rocher, NB
August 27th - New Carlisle, Quebec
August 28th - Borden, PEI
August 29th - Cocagne, NB - Cocagne Arena
August 30th - Liverpool, NS
August 31st - Canning, NS (not confirmed yet)
September 1st - Truro, NS (not confirmed yet)

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