Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Hazy Shade of Wednesday

Hello Bloggos!!! How the hell is everyone that bothers to listen to my pathetic blabbering anymore? Well tomorrow night i have decided that i am indeed going down to the Lawerncetown Exhibition to see Ruby Tuesday, the Rolling Stones tribute band that hits the stage around 8:30, with $6 for a pass and the concert, that is not such a bad deal i guess. So i have to work all weekend, including Sunday, which sucks cause i had a "Special" offer from a friend and also i had another group of people who were going to go to Cape Split for a hike, last time i was there was in 2001-02 on a Tower hike, so i was kinda curious. Oh well... next week's schedule sees me getting 29 hrs, so there are some good paychecks on the way. I am trying to save some dough for my proposed field trip to Maine come October, probably on the Yarmouth Ferry..isn't it sad how people at work seem to think i am leaving as everyone keeps asking me what i am doing this year. The answer? A sabbatical, a one year sabbatical from university/ college/ post-secondary education, even though i have to get off my ass and try and get some distance courses so that i can tie up some loose ends. Found an ad in yesterday's Chronically Horrid about looking for social workers in Connecticut, a job paying around $40,000 a year American, so i sent off a resume this morning. Plus today i have another old friend checking into something for me while he is doing business today in Halifax. Still have not heard back from the Board of Education office in Berwick about those job openings looking for teachers for foreign students. So maybe i will have some answers as of tomorrow. The New York Islanders will be playing two inter-squad games while they are holding their training camp down in Yarmouth in September at the Mariners Centre! I should so make my way down to at least see one of them....maybe pay my respects to the Red Knight!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Hey Senior Bullen! I so dare you to make that one phone call! I double-double dare ya! Believe it or not Webslingers i actually applied for a job with the Islanders earlier this summer! Maybe i should drop off a resume to Mr Milbury in person eh? Well shall have to wait and see... Actually there is a FREE Wrestling show in Bridgetown on August 27th at 2:00 in the parking lot of Bill & Lee's Pizza!!! Ok local fans may put down Mainstream Wrestling, but at least they do not cancel their shows...right Emile?
Anyways..working at 6 in Middleton, looks to be boring...have a good one eh?

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