Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Course of Human Life

Hey there crazy webslingeroonies and uninvited guests! Well yesterday was supposed to be alot of fun, i was to meet a blind date at Tim Horton's in Coldbrook and guess what the hell happened? I got stood up!?!?!?!?!? Man that was just cold! But what the hell do you expect when it is someone that you meet on the frickin internet? And Old Man Robb is getting old and senile becuase she was just all talk..like alot of things in this day and age, nothing but talk. Is there anyone real out there? I did meet a real nice girl recently, but she lives all the way down in Ohio, but she is a hockey nut! Has a Detroit Red Wings tattoo on her back, now the Wings are not my team (loved Probert and Kocur's antics back in the day though!) but a beautiful hockey woman? Oh well, always good to make new friends. There is the one however, i wish i knew how she was doing cause i really really miss her. Man... So i went down to the Exhibition in Lawerencetown to go see Ruby Tuesday last week, man did the guy ever look like ol' Jagger...well maybe Jagger around 1970 or so, he hot on soem wild ol pink pants! (size nine he told the audience!) The only downfall was that there were some kids that should have been removed because they were hassling the band down front. Man i have been working alot the last few days and i went to renew my membership over at the gym when i was told that i had won a prize in a draw that i have entered for 10 free trips to the gym! So i saved some cash that way. I have been saving money like a madman for my possible trip to Maine in late October, we have a new girl hired here in Middleton and so that means we have enough staff so that makes the trip even that more possible. Been downloading alot of good stuff off Limewire recently, i got the Dukes of Hazzard, The Bad News Bears and i am working on the Fantastic Four... Yesterday i was to a BBQ in Wolfville, but it was rained out. A friend told me that i should be working for Acadia in some capacity, but i do not fit their image at all... (read tall, slim and skinny) telling me that if i weighed a good 175 pounds, i would be in no problem...hmmmmmmmmm... Alumni Affairs at Acadia keeps calling me all of the time, wonder what they want? Probably think i am a rich man and want me cash! Unless it is a job offer boys, nothing from me i am afraid. Man this weekend, dead at work! Beacause of the Exhibition and stuff. However a gentleman came into work on Friday night playing a flute! He wanted to know if he could stand in front of the store and play for coin, i said no and so he went over to the post office and played Ruby Tuesday (de ja vu!) and then the cops stopped him. Man...only in Middleton eh? Well folks it is my day off so i am gonna take the doggies for a walk, work on me tan and then head for the gym, after that...hmmmmmm...maybe go see the new Deuce Bigelow movie at the base (i hear it is bad...only 5 people were at the matinee of it yesterday i am told!) Anyways...have a good one!

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