Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Endless Bummer

Hey there y'all! Wow Robbblogs is almost a year old eh? Well it is strange seeing that September is around the corner and i am not going to actively be on a university campus. There are friends, or people that i think are friends who are making active bets as we speak, like it is Vegas or something that ol' Robbo is going to crack and be back on campus by January. We shall have to see, depends on whether or not i want to see someone make some cash. Well i went to Berwick and passed in both my resume and my curriculum virtae to the Education office which is located in the old Berwick Hospital (kinda spooky- the mental health ward is next door) It was for that position of teaching english to foreign students in the area, probably up at the community college, so we shall have to wait and see what happens. I took my nephew to see the Mainstream Wrestling show down in Bridgetown at Bill's Pizza or whatever it is called, not the greatest wrestling i had even seen for it was all skinny guys who looked like they need to gain a good 30-40 pounds, the pizza was ok, had better..had worse. Worked alot this weekend, including a doozy on Sunday, i worked from 3-11 and it was warm in that store, probably becuase the air conidtioner is up the front of the store and only hits the front racks, so i have to crack a window in the back and use this little mini fan that was left behind by one of our old employees. Did recive a golden oldie in at work as in National Lampoon's Class Reunion from 1982 on DVD...only $8.99, besides Stephen Furst as a pervert named Hubert, the rest of it was nowhere near as funny as i remember it when we rented it on Beta around 1983. I did see that the boys up at Harper have a brand new webpage, an old friend from there popped into the videostore the other day and said that i should come up for a visit again, we shall have to see as i am trying to save cash for that trip to Maine. A good friend of mine from Maine has finally made contact with me and says i should definitly come there, and go to the Portland campus of the University of Southern Maine, but i was trying to avoid the big city scene as i find that would provide way too many distractions to me, we shall have to see what happens...anyways i am working tonight and tomorrow morning here in the big city of Middleton and then it is payday on Friday YAy! Anyways have a good one webslingeroonies!
PS- Grand Prix Wrestling's SPIDERMAN!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHAAH!!!

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