Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Dr Feelgood

Hello all those out there is bloggerville! I have been so busy lately thatit is cutting into my precious blogging time! We have had two people leave work, so i have been working a good 30 hrs a week! It is Exhibition week in Lawerencetown, but i have to work. There is a Rolling Stones tribute band called, Ruby Tuesday playing, but i have to work in Middleton. What a weird week at work huh? The other night this man who looked like Krusty The Klown and smelled like a brewery came into our store...stared at me for a good ten minutes and then i asked him what he wanted and he said nothing...mmk... he asked to use our phone..10 minutes...20 minutes... i remind him it is a business phone...40 minutes...i hear him dial 11 digits and i went and grabbed the phone out of his hands and promptly threw him out of the store! I swear ol Middleton is going for the world record to see how many weirodos we can have in town! That same night i walked home and some moron threw a lit lighter at the gas station next door...with all those fumes on the ground from all those morons who cannot pour gas. ....town is getting worse...
Well i went to see the Dukes of Hazzard on Saturday night at the Zedex in Greenwood! First off, movie critics are idiots and so are these people who said the movie was going to suck, including the guy who played Cooter, who must be still drinking lots of hooch since he got out of politics, but he does run that Burt! Big Burt as me and Blair used to say at work was awesome as the Hog man and Jessica Simpson needs acting lessions, but she was ok as Daisy...roscoe didn't do his laugh! But Flash was there so that made everything ok... the place was packed as i had to sit down front, but it was still only $6.50 to go see the flick so that was not too bad at all...met a few ladies online lately, but one of them is never on at all...hope she is doing ok.... What the heck are the Maple Laughs doing signing Eric Lindros to a contract? How the hell are Carl and Pat Quinn going to co-exist ...jeesh...i heard some guys have a pool going to see who gets hurt first, Eric or Mario... I know people who have been against Lindros from the start of his career...not going with the Nordiques (Or No-Dicks as ol Dick Irvin seemed to pronounce it!) Then again they traded his ass to Philly and then won a cup with the players that they got for him...good luck Leafs...you are going to need it!!!
Oh and someone tell the new expansions Dartmouth Destroyers that having tickets simular in price to the Mooseheads is suicide...I hope that this hockey is simular to the Quebec senior league, then the league will find an audience amongst the blood thirsty diehards...if not, nice knowing ya...
I am still waiting to hear back on a possible second job... it seems that there is a program looking for teachers to teach English to foreign students who are older possibly in their late teens or early twenties who want to go to university, but do not have a handle yet on the basics of the english language.. if i can help out, then that would be good as it would be something good that i could put on my resume and maybe that would look good as well to the administrators of the different universities that i have been sending feelers to
I found out that the University of Southern Maine is actually three different campuses...doh!
Anyways i have to get a shower, go to the gym and work today at 4:00 in Greenwood...later!!!

PS- Most hysterical video ever!!!!!!!!!!! Mr T- Mother!!!!!!!!!!!!

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