Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Keep Sleeping

Hey webslingeroonies!!! Wrestling in Berwick was a blast last Friday night! Well it was MSW, but fun nonetheless, got there good n early and lo and behold..the Honkytonk Man was there sitting by his lonesome at the merchandise table!!! So i took it amongst myself to get an autograph and make chit chat with the greatest Intercontinental Champ of all time! The show itself was so-so...there was an hysterical jobber by the name of the Maritime Menace that was killing me though...not not much else happening on this end, a girl asked me out for coffee the other day, but she was so not my type, what is my type? I dunno..but when i do know i shall tell everyone ok? Spent Sat watching the 52 inch big screen at the house as the Axemen lost to Montreal, as a matter of fact all four Maritime football teams lost to Quebec teams on Saturday...of course the Chronically Horrid had a grand ol time slamming all four of them for losing. Poor MTA takes a terrible beating ...esp from Alex J Walling whose school he was running was almost attended by yours truly in 1994-95, but i was talked out of it and told to go to K-Tech or K-Tel or wherver the hell it was in 1995-96...where would i have better off Slingers? In Hfx or with the B***H of the Baskervilles? Actually the Axemen played a decent game of trying to catch up after spotting an early lead to Montreal, but it was to no avail, weird to see Sonny Wolfe on the other side after so many years with the Axemen. Actually MTA didn't lose that badly to Sherbooke and finally got on the scoreboard...i would attend the Axemen game on Saturday, but i have to work...i have tomorrow off and Sunday, but no games on either of those days i am afraid. Actually i took the 5th of October off, next Wednesday to go up and see the Axemen play Dalhousie at 7:30..it is exhibtion i believe, the same as when the hockey Axemen travel to Bridgewater this Saturday to play Dalhousie there as well... I cannot believe the hazing controversy that came out of McGill Football this week...i guess some five to six players have been suspended...now there are those that say that hazing rituals will bring a sports team closer together, in res during frosh week i remember being a frosh boss, but we didn't sodomize aybody with a blunt object either, even though maybe i have met some people over time that i wouldn't have minded seeing something like that happen to, but is hazing a sign of being accepted by your peers, those who it is happening to become embaressed and humiliated by all of it and then the net year, remember what happened to themselves, and instead of setting an example, they just forget any anger management lessons that they were taught and take it out on rookie teammates... look at frat houses as well, always embaressing new pledges.. All teenagers want to fit in and be accepted socially by their peers, even if it means running around naked with nothing on but a nylon over one's head...i dunno...maybe i am getting old huh?

Found a hazing list on the internet:
The following activities are all examples of HAZING
Being yelled, cursed or sworn at
Being publicly embarassed
Having to act as a personal servant to an older group member
Being told to eat or forced to eat disgusting things such as cat food, tobasco sauce, raw eggs
Being trown or forced to go into a pond, ocean, toilet or other body of water
Pressured to be tattooed, body pierced or shaven
Participating in drinking contests
Drink, exercise or smoke drugs until you pass out
Making prank phone calls or harassing others
Destroying or vandalizing property
Inflicting pain on yourself or others
Being tied up or "duct taped"
Pressured to disobey family or school rules
Being paddled with oars, bread boards or sticks
Having pain inflicted in your private parts
Being egged or smeared/coated with food items
Dressing in any manner which is offensive to gender, ethnic origin, etc.

Me and the folks have been chatting more and more about next year and where i may be attending school, Dad says that if he is feeling up to it, than me, him and my Mother should take a road trip to Maine and check out potential schools, in particular the campuses at Presque-Isle, Farmington and up at Fort Kent, which i believe is somewhere near the New Brunswick border...i knew someone that had been attending Fort Kent, but we parted ways quite a while ago and if i never see this person ever again, than perhaps i can die a happy man...that much of a piss off, believe me swingers, never let somebody use you...ever... it may have been the summer of 2004 and i am quite past that as i feel i am a better person, but it makes one weary of other people. Anyways forget it, she is the past and in my mind, non-existent. Anyways it would be a fun trip if the folks are up to it , but we would have to go quick because the ferries stop running at the end of October and if we drove all the way through New Brunswick, it would make for a longer trip and we would be realyl bushed and stuff, why not just spend the time on the ferry....and i am becoming more sour on Maine and maybe looking towards Washington, it is further away from Nova Scotia than i could ever imagine, but my sister lives in Seattle and i do need a new Huskies shirt anyways, plus it would be a place to stay...who knows eh?
Oh i recently purchased "Orca: The Killer Whale" on DVD...no extra features, but it does contain the film in WIDESCREEN!!! Finally!! Me and my ol buddy Blair used to rip this film mercilessly at work..ol Richard Harris should have won a golden razzie for this one eh? "If i could just tell the Whale how i feel.." immortal dialogue...anyways love the rip job that the gang at Jabootu's Bad Movie Dimension did on poor ol Orca which was filmed in Nfld by the way in the mid 70s//
Anyways time to sit back, reflect..wonder what to do tomorrow eh? I do have to return my books to the library, including the book, "It's Good To Be The King...Sometimes" by King Jerry Lawler, a wrestler i was introduced to via way of the old video store by LLoyd's Store in Eastern Passage, me and my pals watched this tape showing bloody wrestling matches called, "Madmen, Maniacs and Lunatics" which i can NEVER find on Ebay! Featuring Kamala, The Moondogs, Terry Funk and the King himself! Anyways we must have rented this tape some 5-6 times and i dubbed it and lost it...anyways the book is not bad, telling about Lawler's early years and how he was a college DJ (Like ME!!! Take that B***H of the Baskervilles!!!) and how he controlled wrestling in Memphis and his awecome feud with Andy Kaufman...there is a funny story about the King and some of the people he made fun of over the years

"I've insulted all sorts of people for the WWE. John Wayne Bobbit. That was a classic. He was an easy target. He'd say something and i'd say, "Hold it John, I don't want to cut you off, but let me say this." I was talking about tv clips and cutaways. And i was glad that they found what his wife had cut off and thrown out the window because i didn't wanna see that on the side of a milk carton! I gave his a full five minutes of this. He must have felt about five inches tall when he left, but he should be used to that."

Good stuff...nite slingers!

PS- Lyrics to a great Ataris song, "In Spite Of The World"

I woke up from this dream to find that I was sleeping
So I went back to sleep and I dreamed I was awake.
I locked myself inside but you were on the outside
I stood outside and watched but I couldn't let you in.
If only you could see that you that is a part of me,Maybe you could see inside yourself.
Wrote a letter to myself, but I couldn't bare to send it.
So I tore it up and wrote a letter to a friend.
If only you could know that growing up means letting go
Maybe then you'd grow up by yourself.
I'm growing up again...I'm learning to accept that all good things must come to an end.
I'm growing up again...I'm trying to understand what it's likeTo let go of a friend.

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