Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Let it Enfold You

Hey there webslingeroonies! Well things are ok on this end as well, just got home from a night of working here in good ol' Middleton and enjoying an ice cold Keith's..back on the diet/ hitting the gym on Monday..speaking of Monday it will be kind of a homecoming for me...well around 11:00 Monday morning i am heading to my old high school, now i know that i have been hard on it over the years, calling it Waste Kings and all kinds of mean ol stuff, but let's face some cold hard facts here dudes, those days are over, dead and buried and those people are ghosts...Montreal had the Ghosts of the Forum..but the Forum is gone and is replaced by this corporate structure...was it the Molson Centre, Bell Centre, Irving Centre...i cannot remember right now... but yeah, like the home of the Habs, it is not exactly the school that i remember because alot of the old staff is gone, some of that is too bad and for some of the others? Ummmm...good riddance, i will not name names because next thing i know i would be in a lot of hot water, but there are some individuals whom if i never see them again, it will not burden me one bit. I go to seek advice form an individual whom was always good to me, wrote letters of recommendation...i was thinking that maybe i am not the best suited for the classroom...it brings me back to being intereviewed for the position of RA a few years ago and being asked what do you do in certain situations...now i am not saying that i need anger management or something, but i find that when dealing with kids at the store and the way that they behave first in high school and in university, well i find that they are not being very well prepared for life...well i am no great example, writing this, working for minimum wage and telling people how to live their lives, but i find if i can be a mediator of sorts as an example of someone who was told by everyone not to go to university and somehow making it all the way, then maybe i can rub off on someone else. That is why i was thinking of becoming maybe a guidance counciller or something simular to that. I am also going to inquire about a nagging question i have ...about who decides whom represents our fine educational institutions when they go to visit the individual high schools around the province. I have always wanted to go back to my alma mater and speak to the current students about university and university life. About how to adapt and what to do when one cannot adapt to a new way of life, such as the rapid pace of a university campus. However most high schools i think have no say in the matter and many students have told me that they usually send students whom have the proverbial silver spoon in their mouths, you know...one of my pet peeves... they will send some student and he or she cannot relate to the students they are attempting to communicate with at these speeches because most of the students sent are from wealthy backgrounds, and went to private schools...not that i have anything against kids from private schools (Great movie by the way!..Private School... Me and my pals Barry and Jimbo watched it all the time!) and i had friends that went to private school...but sometimes it is like i have stated many times before, i think kids in high school sometimes need people that they can relate to, maybe someone like me...i don't know guys, the ball is in your court.
Been going to the Annapolis Valley Regional Library lately, signed out a book called, "Heroes & Villains: The True Story of The Beach Boys" by Steven Gaines. It has been in interesting read, a little naughty as it does not spare the reader anything, like how Dennis Wilson impregnated Mike Love's daughter Shawn out of hatred, because he despised Love so much that he wanted to make him a grandfather...and about how Carl Wilson became a drunk, that Mike Love used to abuse his wives, while spouting about who he championed peace and meditation...and Brian Wilson..my dear God...how he unraveled and became a nutbar...having a sandbox in his house so that he could "Feel The Beach" and went to bed for like three years in the early 1970s, eventually ballooning to 300 pounds after eating a tub of ice cream and five steaks a day... want an example of Brian's weirdness from the book?

"Brian's psychological state had deteriorated further into what was unmistakably mental illness. however, it was hard to tell how much of his behavior was out of true craziness and how much was Brian's clever faking to control the band and keep them away from him. He had periods of deep depression when he became suicidal. One day he dug a grave in his backyard and fantasized about jumping off his roof into it. On another occasion he threatened to drive his Rolls-Royce off the Santa Monica Pier and once he actually did jump off the pier but luckily Dennis was nearby and pulled him to safety. Brian said that killing himself was the best way to kill off the Beach Boys, because by now be hated the idea of the group-- the Beach Boys was a monster that Brian had created, and the unrelenting symbol of the demands and pressures weighing in on him."

Heavy huh?

Oh well slingers it is nappy time, have a good one!

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