Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Ain't No Fun Waiting Round to be a Millionaire

Hello webslingers! Well well..i could get used to this eh? The Axemen as football champs and the Habs at the top of the Eastern Conference! Well i must digress with something, this being Macleans Magazine and their rankings of the top universities in Canada. Well Acadia U is 3rd overall...again, now STFX is #1 as always, don't really have a problem with that as they seem to be #1 every year and the people were really nice to me when i was down there for the Beach Boys concert this summer, even though the guy working the ticket booth had no idea where the concert was being held..(hint..it was right behind the building) but once again, Mount Allison is #2, ahead of Acadia...now i have friends at Mount Allison, i made quite a few of them while living there in residence in 2003-04 and i really enjoyed my Friday and Saturday nights at CHMA rising "Assume The Position" back from the dead...(Take that Radio Acadia!...RIP) however while having fun in res, as a matter of fact one of my funnest years ever in res and the airwaves, ummmm...nope not really lots of fun there, lousy classes, an uncaring faculty, lack of services, no breakfest on the weekends till almost noon, no library open till 1:00 on the weekends, coffee shop that closed at 4 every day..ummmm...see once i left the res..things were not that awesome and so i am still left to wonder where this great rating came from...i hear the science department is pretty good, but i am not a scientist.

Wow...can Old Man Robb rant or what?

Did we win BIG at Football or what?

Is Superman really a dick?


In other news, i turned on the computer yesterday after work to find out WWE Superstar Eddie Guerrero was found dead of heart failure at his hotel room in Minneapolis...how many wrestling stars are going to die at very young ages until there is a full blown investigation into professional wrestling in the United States? It just seems lately, Hawk, Rick Rude, Curt Henning, The British Bulldog amongst others are all not with us anymore...why? I know it is sports entertainment, but c'mon now...the NHL, NFL, Major League Baseball and all kinds of other forums of entertainment do not have the problems that currently plague professional wrestling.
Oh well...they could be having Green Puppies?!?!?! Not much else happening, stayed home Friday during the day to help celebrate my Mom's b-day with some pizza from Greco and just basically hung out. I have tomorrow off, i am going up to Acadia to check in on some stuff, check the job bank...there is a West Kings game at 4:00 tomorrow, so i may stop by to check that out for old times sakes, there is a game in Kingston Friday night for sure, so i might possibly check that out seeing as i have Friday night off and stuff. I was thinking of taking next Friday off to go see the Axemen play SMU or i might just wait till Saturday night on the 26th and drive to Wolfville to witness the Axemen taking on STFX at 7:30... i dunno..there is wrestling in Canning on the 25th..a Friday, but i am not too sure what is happening yet schedule wise.

Call me an old student? I think my American counterpart has to be Johnny Lechner! Maybe i should forget life and go back to Acadia for a few more years just to catch Johnny's records eh? Mr Lechner has 242 credits...i have 150...i have lots of catching up to do ..92 credits to go!

Anyhow...that is all for now folks! Have a good one

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