Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Yeah...Old Man Robb is Here..

Hello there bloggos! What has Old Man Robb been up to? Well i took it upon myself to go check out some good ol'fashioned Maritime Wrestling last weekend in Canning at the old high school there, i believe it is now the community centre. It was fun, i never knew so many people could fit into such a small space eh? And it was being taped for a future showing on the new Fight Network! So how many days till Merry Ho ho? Exactly 25! But Old Man Robb is supposed to suck at math remember! Well i have the day off and i have accomplished absolutely nothing so far, took the dogs for a walk here in good ol Middleton..and that is about it! The hockey Axemen went 2 and o over the weekend and are now off until they go to play the Alberta Golden Bears in late Decemeber, maybe my brother will get me a t-shirt or something and it will arrive at the same time when my sister promised to get me a Washington Huskies t-shirt about three years ago. Finally rented the Trailer Park Boys Christmas dvd over the weekend, man i roared seeing Mr Lahey get trashed and putting a grocery bag on for a Santa beard! Plus when the boys used Lahey's Christmas decorations to help out with Bubbles bonfire. Well what a world eh? The ol Canadian government is literally falling apart, does Stephen Harper wear a wig? That so cannot be his real hair. Oh well..what is going to happen...lemmie think..i got it! Once again 30% of Canadians will cast their ballots and 100% of Canadians will complain about the outcome.....no matter who wins. I hear people talk and talk and talk.. If people will put down their donuts, come out of the coffee shop and actually go vote for a change, then maybe we shall see some progress, now if as per usual, people do not go out and vote, then they have absolutely no right to bitch, moan and drip about how hard done by they are or who is doing what to whom...oh well..had to vent that eh?
Anyways got to get moving, go have a shower, go for a walk and do something productive with me ol' day off...have a good one!

PS- Go see the teaser for the upcoming Trailer Park Boys movie!!!

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