Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Hey There!

Hello people! What have i been up to? Well family stuff, my Dad is getting out of the hospital, he was in over the weekend due to a lack of iron and the hospital decided to keep him overnight, visiting hours are at 11:00 this morning and hopefully he will be home this afternoon. It is the the time of year where you don't want to see this stuff happen, esp with X-mass right around the corner..what is it now? ummmm 33 days? Jeesh, so one wants to see the family around this time of year be good and somewhat healthy. What else is happening? Well the Football Axemen lost to the Laurier Golden Hawks on Saturday 31-10 up in Hfx at Huskie Stadium, so while there will be no trip for the Axemen to the Vanier Cup in Hamilton on December 3rd, we must at least be happy that we won the Atlantic for the first time since 1995 is it? Anyways congrats are in order, the hockey Axemen split their roadtrip and are back here on the weekend. I have not decided what i am doing this weekend with Friday night off, i can go see the Axemen play against SMU or go to wrestling in Canning...that's right Friday night wrestling in Canning, i will ask my nephew if he wants to go if he isn't too busy being in the hood this weekend. Anyways the Axemen do play STFX on Saturday night and i work till 6:00 so maybe i can make it out to that one. Dunker called and asked if i wanted to see a movie last night, but with Dad staying overnight in the hospital i decided agaisnt it...besides there really isn't much out that i wanna see right now anyways. On the video front, the Fantastic Four and Dukes of Hazzard are both coming out on the 6th of December so there are at least some dvd's that i am looking forward to, plus my Mom wants to know where she can find the newest Rock Em Sock Em Hockey Dvd hosted by Don Cherry...i think it has to be up to number 20 or something like that by now. I went to see the West Kings game last Tuesday only to be told that the game was cencelled because the team was in a tournament...would have been nice if they had left a message or something eh? Oh my, anyways the laundry is in and i have to go catch a shower, working the next two nights here in rocking Middleton .........whoooooooooo! Anyways have a good one!

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