Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

No Fun

Hey gang and peeps! Yes yes Old Man Robb is back and is loopier than ever! Well how are things? I have submitted electronically because i was told to do so two jobs to Acadia Alumni, will they pick Old Man Robb? Maybe...maybe not, one was a part time job and the other was a full blown, full time position...cannot see the full time one cause i don't think i fit the criteria, i am different, not a machine and that may go against me. There are people i would love to work with, and others that i could not see me being in the same room with for more than a good five minutes. I am glad that we beat STFX last weekend in football to host the finals for the first time since 1995, i was just reading the Daily News and ol' Alex J just ripped into both teams. STFX players were dancing on the Acadia logo in the middle of the field and that nearly erupted into a per six brawl from what i am told. And ol Alex J ripped Acadia fans a new one for some duragatory chants made at the STFX coach and his relatives. Now as a fan going to sporting event, i am used to seeing chants, at old West Kings games back in the early 90s, when the score was good and ran up the fans used to chant, "It's all your fault!" at the oppositions goaltender and people made an issue of that. However cutting down someone's personal life, that is just nasty. I remember hearing Craig Mactavish talk about an old playoff series with the Calgary Flames where one or two Flames players made remarks to him about his criminal conviction and imprisonment for vehicular homicide back in 1984-85. I went to see the Axemen play the Moncton Blue Eagles on Saturday night, Moncton was playing their first game since Sebastian Savage of the Blue Eagles was recently paralyzed in an incident against Acadia on Oct 22. The hometown Axemen fans gave the Blue Eagles a standing ovation and it was also nice to see the 1992-93 Axemen get inducted into the Acadia sports hall of fame, however the Blue Eagles just did not look into the game at all and we won easily by a score of 6-2. I left with a good five minutes left to play as it was hard to watch the Blue Eagles looking like they were just skating around and i do believe the Axemen really could have run up the score if they had really wanted to. I think it was in the Daily News or Chronically Horrid that the UPEI women's hockey team was recently beaten 21-0 by STFX and the column writer stated that STFX ran up the score in the third period...ummmmmmm the score was already 15-0 dude at the end of the second, i think the score had been run up! Well i went to the Greenwood Mall..i mean that place with like five dollar stores... yeah that is it and picked up a copy of the dvd, Ramones- The End of the Century...really good documentary about the group, man does Richie Ramone look different in that suit and tie...Tommy Ramone looks like Jerry Garcia or something like that..it expanded on the Johnny-Linda- Joey love triangle, for those who do not know...Johnny Ramone stole Joey's girlfriend away from him around 1980-81 and eventually married her, Joey's worst nightmare and he and Johnny basically never talked ever again..sad eh?According to the film, Joey never got over the heartache. And now the Ramones are more famous than ever, i mean when i got into the band big time around the mid to end of the 80s, my heavy metal loving Passage friends made fun of me...ummmm..did they see how some of their favorite bands looked? Don't stir the kettle black! Anyways this stuff was never leaked to fans, even though their was really no internet back then either. Had to work Halloween night, did have time to get dressed up in the Jason get-up and scare the daylights out of one of my co-workers, what i find is the saddest and well...makes me the most pissed off about Halloween is that i love seeing the little kids all dressed up, it really is for them, but to see teenagers that are not dressed up, wearing backwards baseball caps and baggy jeans on good people's doorsteps demanding candy? Little jerks, could lay the smackdown on some of them. To me that takes away from the fun and wonder of Halloween...at least my nephew got dressed up (As a PIMP!!! Who does he think he is? Huggy Bear?) Teenagers get caught at those ages like 14-16, they are not adult yets and places in town don't want them around because they all get painted with the same brush. Then again teenagers don't really help themselves by loitering around town, doing wheelies off our front steps..which leads straight out into traffic by the way! I guess i am being an armchair critic, but i don't remember loitering as much as teens do today, many just go to the mall, but to me our mall is boring as hell, i only go if i am going to buy something. I think it is just a lazy generation, facinated by crappy rap videos and video games, sadly many will go to university where people will laugh at them. I mean we did our fair share of laughing at new kids when they came to residence and thought they had all the answers about life, how to study, how to get ahead when none of them had ever pumped gas or stocked a shelf, or worked behind a counter in a store, or washed dishes or delivered pizzas for the Pizza Nazi amongst various other jobs, i used to deliver pizzas half the night and then go change uniforms and clean the local radio station at night! And i really wanted to get my post-secondary education, i worked for it! Can you imagine giving up all the weekends that i did to come home and work? I never went to a formal until my 4th year of university, i NEVER went to the Christmas/ Snowball formal cause i always had to work! No Christmas Dinner until my 3rd year of university either. Sheesh...kids huh? Just like my nephew went to a party instead of going to the game with me on Saturday night, instead of learning something from others, it is just an excuse to be lazy, can't even get the little bugger out of bed to rake leaves, instead i did it all myself...ahh it is the generation gap... we had to work for stuff, the internet, dvd's, video games- great gadgets and all, but things are so convienient now for kids and we are laughed at, us old men...well we shall all see whom gets the last laugh. I am thinking about taking in a West Kings game some time, i see that they need all the support they can get from the looks of the standings. They play Middleton right hre in town at the Middleton Arena on the night of the 12th at 7:30 so maybe when i am done with the Acadia-STFX game, which i took the day off to go watch, then i will come home and catch some old time high school hockey! Anyways then later...have a good one friends and foes!!!


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