Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Oh No! It's Old Man Robb!!!

Another year...another Christmas done like dinner eh? Just watched Team Canada clobber Lativia 16-0 in World Junior play...look at that score kids...16-0...i think Lativia had some 10 shots on net the whole time...amazing their coach didn't forfit the game! The clock should have went straight time...i mean c'mon it was the equivalent of an NHL team beating a junior C team...should have shown a little bit of mercy i thinks...i want Canada to win..i want to see them go all the way with the "Fix for Six" but i also like watching good hockey...now tonight when the Habitants beat the Maple Laughs...that will be some good hockey :D

Hey as i was saying Christmas is over for another year..got lots of clothes, the new Don Cherry Rock Em Sock Em..21 years in a row now! It was the 4th Christmas without Dad, so that kinda sucked, but it was nice having family around, except for the fact that when Mom decided to clean my room and clean my desk the other day she decided to throw out my envelopes that my Christmas cards came in and low and behold didn't she throw out my HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS tickets!??!?!?!!?!?!?? And the Metro Centre has a no returns if ands or buts policy so my bro had to get on the horn and order me a new ticket....always something eh? I also got a pretty cool set of Hockey Night in Canada jammies too! And the Beach Boys Christmas album was playing the whole time as well...

Well in other news...Acadia U is looking for a NEW ExecutiveDirector of Alumni Affairs..well should i? Shouldn't i? Well the naysayers already are out, no Robb...you would be no good...you have no experience..well i say im applying and if i get it, i get it and if i don't i don't...they already know who i am because three years in a row now i have been a volunteer for Acadia Alumni at Welcome Week 07, 08 and 09 and well i think im involved alot still with Acadia U, i am going there again and if i was to be honored with the position i would have all my time to work on it...like i said though im not holding my breath..but one thing i noticed is that at the end of the e-mail i recieved it states, "A six-month eligibility list may be established from this competition tofill future vacancies for identical positions." Maybe if i didn't recieve that exact position, they would still know who Robert Reid Hawley was...Me and the Alumni would be a good match i thinks...no matter how much others think differently... I think i would look good behind a desk if the below pic is any indication (Insert laugh here...LOL!)

Fear is nothing trying to be something--Napoleon Hill

People are always so negative...they concentrate on their negativity so much that they fail to see the good in people or see positive things going on around them. I know i have my moments where i think oh my god im never going to make something of myself, im a loser..blab blab blab...but then it comes to me..Dad didn't think like this, he always had that uncanny ability to look on the bright sides of an otherwise bleak situation. Negativity is a tag-team partner of pessimism and i know many people who are Pessimists...who always think that life sucks....but isn't your life what you made it? People boo and hiss others and just plain try to discourage them from trying...remember someone telling me i wouldn't last a full year at Acadia U...i graduated, went international, got one degree and almost another and now i am taking courses in education...who was right? Who was wrong? Who are you? Who's (Or what's) next?

In other news my course is going just fine...read up to chapter two today and man oh man it is alot to retain..to remember... Old Man Robb is getting older..ugh.. so much to memorize like Blum's 12 characteristics of effective teaching which are..

1) Instruction is guided by a preplanned curriculum.

2) There are high expectations for student learning.

3) Students are carefully oriented to lessons.

4) Instruction is clear and focused

5) Learning progress is monitored closely.

6) When students do not understand, they are re-taught.

7) Class time is used for learning.

8) There are smooth and efflcient classroom routines.

9) Instructional groups formed in the classroom fit instructional needs.

10) Standards for classroom behavior are high.

11) Personal interactions between teachers and students are positive.

12) Incentives and rewards for students are used to promote excellence.

Remember that teachers entering the teaching profession need techical competence in teaching and the confidence to teach according to proven principles. Science-research conceptions of teaching might well provide a starting point for inexperienced teachers. As teachers gain experience they can modify and adapt these initial theories of teaching, moviing towards the more interpretive views of teaching that is implicit in theory-philosophy conceptions. Eventually as they develop their own personal theories of teaching, they can teach more from an art-craft approach, creating teaching approaches according to the constraints and dynamics of the situations in which they are working. Teacher development can be seen as a process of ongoing self-discovery and self-renewal as top-down approaches to teaching become replaced by more bottom-up approaches or find approaches that blends the two. This moves the teachers work beyond the routine, creating both the challenges and rewards of teaching.

One more thing before i head off to watch the Habs n the Maple Laughs...not to sound like a pessimist..but more like an old fashioned fuddy duddy...i read that the Chickenburger is expanding to downtown Halifax. Why? After all these years is the Chickenburger being franchised...well kinda.. The location in Bedford is iconic, a place where i have many memories of going there as a kid and enjoying myself, those chickenburgers, onion rings..playing with the jukebox.. but i guess there is money to be made and it will be in a convient spot near the corner of Queen and Spring Garden, just behind the Starbucks building. Just like the day i saw the Facebook group for the legendary TURKEY BURGER in Cookesville, NS and im reading that someone bought it and wants to turn it into a Chowder House...sigh..more memories of a youth gone by the wayside eh? Wish em luck, but man people loved that Turkey Burger, its GIGANTIC proportions and well were kinda sad to see it gone.. Im getting old that's all...somethings sometimes left alone is best...kind of takes the aura away...but who's listening to me eh?

That's all for now folks..have a good one!

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