Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nowhere is Here...

Almost time for New YEars eh? Well people Merry XXX-Mass is gone and what is new? Well my course for Acadia U- Education 4673: Teaching English as a Second Language has begun..i registered on the website yesterday and i froze...i mean i just froze, not the computer, me..Robert Reid Hawley...i froze right up...what the hell was i scared of? I waited and phoned Open Acadia and kept after them stating i wanted to start my course and get things moving..but then push comes to shove and BOOM! Old Man Robb just freezes up like a deer in the headlights...what gives?

It is called facing fears...the fear of the unknown..can i still produce at an academic level despite being out of a university classroom since April of 2005??!?!?! Something triggers a fear...an anxiety...a feeling of uneasiness, apprehension, or nervousness...what is there to fear? I have until June to finish the course..about five months after New Years of hard core studying and reading the book.. Sometimes i take little issues and i grow them into these big issues until i come back down to earth thinking...what the hell did i make a big deal out of that for? This fear shall be conquered...and i will get on with it.

In other news, my brother phoned the Metro Centre today and they fully reimbursed my Harlem Globetrotters ticket for their game in Halifax on Wednesday, March 24th... im glad i did not have to re-purchase a ticket.. got lots of stuff coming up..i finally applied for the position of Executive Director of Alumni Affairs for Acadia University and re-wrote my cover letter..i have posted it down below..have a look...


I am writing you at this time in response to position of Executive Director of Alumni Affairs for Acadia University. I have previously taught in both South Korea and Japan. Besides my history degree at Acadia University, I have also worked steadily in the work force since June of 1989, juggling both education and working at the same time. I can offer my managerial skills I have acquired of working with the public and other people, these managerial skills include hiring, training, scheduling, and budgeting.
One skill I can offer is wisdom, I have a reputation for being a team player, always willing to listen to input from other people and being able to adapt to different situations when it was required to do so. I like working with other people and learning from them.While at Acadia and other post-secondary institutions that I have attended, public speaking in front of large groups of people has been something I have enjoyed.
While teaching in Japan and in South Korea, I have acquired skills in the areas of organizing and planning. I feel that I have an outgoing and friendly nature that allows me to have good relations with other people, including fellow students and staff members. While in Japan and in South Korea, i worked exclusively with young children, teenagers and adults, helping them with their reading and writing skills. What they taught me was skills about life and how to deal with others.
My resume that accompanies this cover letter hopefully can give you an idea of my potential for making a worthwhile contribution as Executive Director of Alumni Affairs for Acadia University . I believe that my experience and education will make me a competitive candidate for this position.

Do i have a hope in heck of landing the position? Well i don't really know..they said you have to have experience, but you have to have experience to get experience. However i do know that they keep many of these things on file for a good six months. I would be honored to work for Acadia Alumni if i was to be given a chance to. I promise i would never become a fat cat and just sit behind a chair all day, i would be active in the Acadia community, i would show up at 6 or 7 every morning (including weekends) to start my day and as i said i would do my best to the upmost of my ability and beyond.

So what else is happening? New Year's Eve is tomorrow and i have offers to go out and paint the town red n stuff..but i thinks i am just going to rest up this year..getting old ya know! Canada Vs Team USA @ the World Juniors is on New Year's Eve and i think it will be Canada's first real test.. it is hard to believe it has been almost, as of February 30 yrs since Team USA's Olympic gold medal win in 1980... i was like eight years old and watched it on our old RCA floormodel tv with Dad...quite the game against the Russians and i remember the gold medal was presented after playing the Finns...i know Team Canada was selected today and we have all these Dream Teams..but like Herb Brooks said, "Now that we have Dream Teams, some of us never get to dream." the real aura of Team USA 1980 was that it was a bunch of 20 years + college students who upset the Russians...unreal...sure we may win a gold medal..but will it have that same upset feeling? That feeling of wonder? I don't think so....

Oh the other week when i was Christmas shopping i happened upon this place just outside of Wolfville on the way to Grand Pre...it was on Miner Drive or Lane...i cannot remember but it was well kinda freaky..i don't know what the story behind the house was or is..but it kinda made me think of Stairway to Heaven..why i don't know..its one of those great mysteries kinda like tht house on Stronarch Mountain Road..that big green abandoned house that everyone and their mother seems to have a story or two about..it now has a little red fence around it, obviously to keep people out...would love to know the story, maybe i sound kinda morbid, but i like a bit of the mysterious and the creepy...why is this like this? Why is this abandoned? Sometimes i wish the walls could talk...you would hear some stories i imagine...Plus the same day i dscovered for myself that mysterious stairway, i also picked up Black Sabbath- Technical Ectasy...the cover was described as Ozzy as "Two Robots having sex on an escalator"..great album- Dirty Women, Rock & Roll Doctor, It's Alright (W/ Bill Ward on lead vocals) and the haunting "She's Gone."...good stuff from 1976...

Well folks that is all for now...have a good one!

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