Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Different Directions...

Ohhhhhhhhh..how much drama can Old Man Robb take? Well recently the one mole and that is what i shall refer to it as, a mole decided to take its ball and run. Well little mole you can run, but can you really hide? Why don't people just be more honest? My dearest little mole you have burnt the last bridge, just come on out, tell the truth and while this will not exactly put you back in the good books, you will save yourself alot of misery. I just don't know how you can get up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror. I know that there have been times where i looked in the mirror and i had regrets..what the hell have i done? Why did i do that? I guess you can't wrap your arms around a memory, but for the love of what is fair you can sure piss on the memories of those who looked out for you.

Well i keep hitting the books, but i am going to have to contact Open Acadia again and see when the course is actually going to start. Mind you the last time i contacted them my application was still sitting on the desk, to be honest they had lost it and could not find it. I love my old homestead, please do not make me take my business somewhere else because you cannot process papers for an online course. Now to be fair this is the first time they have ever offered any of these ESL/ education courses online, but i guess im just sick and tired of waiting and i want to get a move on with it.

However the book is very interesting..man it is so hard to get back in the groove again, especially with recent distractions..but when learning that there are things that others taught me to be important that are really not that important at all..many preached the usage of methods to me, but it is actual teaching in the classroom that gives the teachers their ideas, not methods because methods do not address the broader context of teaching and focus on only one small part of a complex set of elements. Methods are replaced by pedagogy. Approaches are preferred to methods because they are seen as dynamic and subject to some tinkering as a result of one's experience and observation.

Pedogical approaches are one's approach to teaching language is the theoretical rationale that underlines everything happening in the classroom. Teachers are seen as technicans in the classroom. Teachers are supposed to diagnose the needs of their students and to treat the students with successful pedogical methods/ techniques and to assess the outcome of those treatments. We cannot assume that a teacher can assert that they know everything that there is to be known about language and language learning. One teachers approach is different from another teachers.

Methods are not a relevant issue with diagnosis treatment and asserting learners of foreign languages. An era of understanding a vast number of language texting context and purpose and an even larger number of student needs, learning styles and effective and affective traits. Teachers benifit from combining everything they do in well-established principles of language learning and teaching. Teachers will be less likely to being a prepackaged and ineffective method to bear and this is more likely to be a direct response to the students purposes and goals. Pedagogy and language is a dynamic composite of energies within a teacher that changes with continued experience in learning and teaching. We cannot assume that a teacher can assert that they know everything that there is to be known about language and language learning. One teachers approach is different from another teachers.

Heavy eh?

Oh..by the way..

Radio Acadia is back...

How does Old Man Robb feel about this? Well they have tried to bring it back a few times..this time they are focused on coming back in Janurary. I would like to see this succeed. everybody or well..a few people know the story about "Assume The Position" and it was alot of fun and people remember it fondly. The next year (2001-02) saw new management as the manager from the year previous had graduated and they would not allow any of the shows or people from the year before back and just hired all their friends and POOF! The station was out of business by the end of November that year. Why? Well my show and other shows had built an audience, some of the other talent had been on there for 3-4 years and had slowly built an audience up as well and people tuned in and the shows they had grown accustomed to were gone and replaced by a bunch of guys who did not follow CRTC rules and regulations which was back in the day 30% Canadian content and 30% new material to be played with each show and they didn't talk about anything related to the campus and played a bunch of rap music. As a result, Radio Acadia was gone. I went to Mount A in 2003-04 and brought "Assume The Position" to CHMA and it was a hit with people i knew, i believe word of mouth helps alot with the success of a show and now with Facebook, blogger, My Space and other sources there are even more places where people can find out about a show...i hope they succeed.

Went to watch West Kings play on Friday night against NKEC and well..they lost 12-3..no no that is not a misprint. Currently they are sitting in the basement of the Valley High School League with a 1-6 record and i swear that maybe 100 people were there taking in the game, it is like i ranted about the Acadia games where there is so not full capacity showing up to games, people just have too many other options as to what to do with their spare time and we have the net, cell phones etc etc... Not like the good ol days isn't it? Then again..what really is? I did find out that they do finally have a souvinear shop out at the ol WK and it would be neat to check it out sometime.

That is all for now folks...two more days and it is my weekend! Thank God! :D

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