Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Old Man Robb's Year in Pictures...2009-00

What i did this year...lets have the pictures speak....

January- The National Palace Museum of Korea, Lotteworld

February- Han River Cruise, Grease

March- Korean Folk Village, Seoul Animation Museum

April- Everland, Seoul Olympic Museum, Museum of Natural History, Chinatown (MacArthur's statue)

May- National Science Museum, 4th Mirinal Race (Bronze Medal Winner!!!), Seoul Museum of History, The National Police Museum, ToyKino Museum, Apple Blossom Festival (Dressed To Kill)

June- The Fisheries Museum, Railway Museum, Greenwood Military Aviation Museum, Memory Lane Railway Museum, UCW Wrestling (Legends reunion)

July- Admiral Digby Museum, King's Courthouse Museum, Middleton Car Show, Mount Hanley School Museum.

August- Prescott House Museum, Seminar of the Century, Cornwallis Military Museum, Shand House Museum, James House Museum, Action Jax, Brother's wedding, EPJH Reunion, Uniake Estates.

September- Acadia Day (Alumni Representative), Shearwater Aviation Museum, Sinclair Museum, Dell House Museum, Acadia Football home opener, NHL in Halifax (Ottawa Vs Florida), NS Sports Hall of Fame, Middleton Cornmaze, Acadia hockey exhibition, Acadia Friday Night Lights Game (Acadia Vs SMU)

October- GI Joe Day, WK Game (First one in years), Turkey Bowl, UCW in Windsor, Acadia Basketball exhibition.

November- Acadia vs Moncton, Olympic Torch, Acadia hockey winning streak, Basketball...ohh..and Robb returns to ACADIA U!!!

December- Fair Trade Coffee Museum, RINGGATE 09 and Merry Christmas!

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