Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2005


Hello o great webslingers and webslingerettes!!!! Well, that examination is done and done again and my comeback year at AcadiaU is ummm..complete for now..why for now? Well you never know what may happen, i worry about me quanitative methods mark, my math sucks and stuff, modern theory and sociology of education i am not very worried, actually our prof did us a favor as i was left under the impression that we were only going to recieve a few of the questions that she handed us and she turned around and gave us the entire thing...that was sweet...sad that i won't see a few of the girls from that class anymore, i wanted to say goodbye to Princess Leia, but i was done at 9:00 and i just wanted to leave and go back to my apartment. I recieved my final assignment back, i made 75% so that was ok. I don't think they are offering Soc of Education next year. Tomorrow i am heading to Useless Support to return my craptop, and then heading over to recuitment to inquire about a posting on the internet, seems they are looking for recruiters and if there is decent pay involved, well it would sure beat a full year off, sitting at home and peddling videos... Came home to Middleton today and since it is Spring cleaning, we were taking apart the basement, we threw out one of our couches that we have had since we lived in Edmonton in 1981-83!!!! Man alot of ex's and others have watched alot of ol' Robbo's Z- movies on that couch! Plus we chucked me aunt's old B&W Tv from like 1971 and my ol Tv that i had in both the Tower and at Harper Hall, it doesn't work so well anymore...memories to be left on the side of the road and picked off by bums on the street... we were watching the Canada-US match-up on TSN (We lost...damn!) and they were already starting to come around, picking at the garbage... i remember when me and Dad around a year ago were talking about me getting an apartment and we went to this place up in Wolfville... hysterical, the shingles were falling off the roof and on the site where the house was advertised, it promised parking as one of its features...still trying to figure out where the parking lot was, must have been the driveway of the neighbors across the street... this guy arrived, looking like Jim "The Anvil" Neinhart's long-lost cousin and he took us through a tour of the hehe house...remember the barber chair that i had my ex going with? Well, there was a frickin car seat right in the living room!!! The furniture was all picked off the side of the road and stuff..water was leaking in from the ceiling and he showed a closet, opened it up and all these wires were hanging there...a hysterical mess...anyways...i stayed in my current apartment... anywho i has to go to work for 6:00 so i have to walk the dogs, eat and go to the store formerly known as Town & Country...lates!!!

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