Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Crazy State of Affairs

Good morning webslingers! Ol Robbo is here at the very dead and quiet SUB here on campus. Now ya might say, what the hell ya doin there this early in the morning? Well, gots me Sociology of Education examination tonight at 7:00-10:00 in Room 138 of the BAC and i am re-looking at the questions and stuff. Re-doing questions about how new technologies play a contradictory role in education and to give my opinion on something the bigwigs have dubbed "Edutainment" Now according to the mighty Wilkipedia, (Wilkipedia for those of you that don't know is like the best friend of any college/university student......and if it isn't...it darn well should be!) "Edutainment is a recently coined term, a portmanteau, that expresses the union between education and entertainment in a television program, game or website." the other question i am working on is the one on tuition fees and its relationship with the resulting decline in accessible post-secondary education. Tuition fees are increasing at the same time as employment opportunities are declining for young people, making it necessary for students to rely on family sources or borrowed funds to cover their educational costs. Higher tuition fees are closing the doors to post-secondary education for many qualified students. It has been suggested that there is a direct link between funding and accessibility. It is suspected that drop-out rates from Canadian post-secondary institutions are disturbingly high, largely due to the excessive financial burden that is placed on both students and their families. It is difficult for students from less privileged backgrounds to attend the post-secondary programs of their choice, or worse, they may restrict access all together. While tuition increases alone may not reduce accessibility to university because students have generally tended to be drawn from relatively privileged backgrounds, other barriers, such as the lack of services for non-traditional groups and those that are most in need of assistance, do restrict access. The elimination of financial barriers must be a national priority as not all qualifying Canadians will be given a fair change to participate in post-secondary education. The raising of university fees in Canada is affecting middle-income families in Canada. Post-secondary education provides benefits for individuals and society at large contributes to Canadian society at large, but is now at the stage of being cost-prohibitive for many. It is an issue of equity in having access to a post-secondary education. In the 1970s, the government was the primary principal behind post-secondary education. After 1985, after the conservative years, tuition fees shot up tremendously. The pros- The eight countries mentioned with no university fees, 8 countries- no fees- Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Wales and Scotland- a way of ensuring that financial barriers do not prevent qualified students from pursuing a degree.realize that educational access should be based on academic talent, not the wealth of the family, or the family name, a way of ensuring that financial barriers do not prevent qualified students from pursuing a degree. The cons- raising costs, only the United States and Japan pay more in tuition costs than do Canada. What are the implications of the findings/ arguments for which groups in society? The raising costs are making university cost-prohibitive for many middle income and blue-collar families. Only the upper class and the rich are going to be able to attend post-secondary institutions, even at the undergraduate level......whooooooooooooo! Was that a load of information on your senses or what? I think that would be a good question to ask and make it an opinion question, i think it would be interesting from a professors point of view to answer a question like that, because of all the varying opinions that would be mulling about the classroom as we are all from different backgrounds. Man i hear that Jet song all the time, i thought it was Oasis at first...man i am getting old and senile...then again my Mom asked me where i was going so early in the morning...after me studying for this examination the last ummm 4- 5 days in a row....i keep telling my Manager at the store that the barber shop next door has a car seat instead of a barder chair...she almost fell for it...almost...actually i saw something quite amusing but not amusing last night, these couple of little a**holes were in last night..ya know..loud and idiotic and stuff, took em bout 45 mnutes to pick something out...anyways two of them did the Hail Hitler salute... not cool... this old guy was there with VETERAN wrtten on his hat...man what a tongue lashing he gave them! Told em to go up to the Legion and do it...tell him how it turns out or go to the Vets ward...kids are pretty gutless nowadays...at least back it up or just do not let yourself engage in crap that you have no idea what your saying or expressing... It looks like Japan is off, they have already picked everyone and stuff...but now there is a mail out looking for recruiters for next yr here at Acadia, i shall have to go investigate and see what it is all about, i worked for recruitment on a volunteer level one year, i wanted to do it again this year, but i found that i did not have the time between my course load and working on the weekends, but i shall see what it all entails anyways...possibly on Monday when i have the day off....been listening to this song by this band called, "The Obsoletes" called, "I Wish It Never Came"...really nice for a slower song and one for the summer jeep collection.................. Man i wished i had last night off work, if so i would have ventured to Digby, well to Digby Regional High School actually, just to go see wrestling....featuring the legendary HONKYTONK MAN!!!!! The greatest WWF Intercontinental Champion of all time!!!!!!! I remember seeing Honky and the Macho Man face off at the Forum around 1988 and man, the booing from the crowd on Honky was a sight to behold! You know that you have done your job when you just come out to the ring, haven't said a peep and the fans are on their feet booing the living daylights out of you!!! Well...i was driving up this morning, passing through Kentville and there is was on a post right before passing the Edge... East Coast Pro Wrestling at the Kentville Arena on May 4th (A Wednesday!!!...so weird..usually it is a Friday or a Saturday...) Are the old days going to be back here in the Maritimes this summer? Another promotion? Man...to remember all those great summers of action in Kentville and Berwick as well as even earlier times at the Halifax Forum when the ol' Grand Prix would come with my heros Leo Burke and Killer Karl Krupp...well on May 4th it is a one-night tournament for the Maritime Cup...looks good, should be a rocking week with Motorhead , Lemmy and ECPW Wrestling at the same time.... Anyways i should be getting back to doing some good ol' studying and having some lunch...then studying, examination and then..ummmm go home...good day webslingers!!!!
PS- Watch some "Rock N Roll Radio" - Le classic de Ramones!

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