Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Mute Points

Hello there! Well, next week is examinations and ol' Robbo is kinda well...against the ropes, not all hope is lost...but it does not look that darned good...i cannot even put 2 and 2 together and i need too cause this exam is next Monday (imagine if it was tomorrow? NERVOUS SHAKEDOWN!!!...great AC/DC tune by the way...) ...oh yeah it is my Quanitative Methods examination i am talking about, my Soc of Education should be fine, she is giving us the questions...man the stupid thoughts in me head about the quanitative exam, i was even thinking of going over to Huggins, where the math dept is and begging for help, i emailed one of the girls from class, but i recieved no response...prob thinks i am a creep of something of that nature. Me Momma and i were arguing about this stupid exam at around 7 this morning...why people don't leave me alone in the morning i'll never ever know... am i wearing a friggin sign or something? Anyways she started in on me...i should have held back, but i didn't and i left the house around 8ish...did some math, then the stupid Dell (Man i long for the days of the ol IBM at Acadia...so sweet) gave out on me in the Vaughn...went for a drive, to Hantsport where i thought i was going to die last year...they have no gas station and i had to drive to a reservation a good 5-10 minutes up the road to get gas...i was kinda weary lemmie tell ya... wanted to see a girl i know, but in the midst of calling her, my cell phone died (damn things never work when ya want em to...like the dell) so i came back here, figured out one of the parts of the formula needed to do me questions (yeah!) and then proceeded to watch me computer crash and burn again (pieces of S***!!!! Honest to God!!!) So i came down here to useless...i mean user support and now it is fine again...for the moment...so i worked a good 17 hrs this weekend, split between Middleton and Greenwood, raked up what was left of the leaves and twigs in the yard, and procrastinated when i should have been a studying, now i am gonna end up cramming for this thing on next Monday and then the old nerves will hit and ill bungle this thing... man to be one credit short of a double major...one credit!!! Now to become a laughing stock, population me...what is it? Am i phobic? Did i have any bad experiences with math teachers? Did i ever have any good math teachers? Well there was a bad one in junior high, the kids used to call him Oscar The Grouch... all he ever did was snarl and stuff when you got questions wrong, then at Waste Kings i had a slew of real winners, well...lethal Larry was pretty cool, i also had Cheech Martin's older brother ...well he wasn't really Cheech's older brother, just imagine Cheech with a spare tire around the middle and you'll get the picture... anyways i just wasn't into the math and i don't know what it is, like kids that don't like raisons and liver and stuff like that... at Kingstec where i wasted a year of my life when i could have been here or elsewhere, i don't remember doing any stats, mater of fact i remember two years ago my brother nagging and nagging me to go to the Kingstec reunion and stuff, first off i was just settling into another school (MTA) and second of all, why would i go back? The B**** of the Baskervilles hated me from the start, never let up, should have been told off...or worse and people, well i don't really talk to anyone i went to school with, we were all good friends at the time, but when my brother inquired about me, they referred to me as the "Class Clown" and was always fooling around and stuff, so yeah...you can see why i was not keen on going to the reunion..i was and still am an Acadia Grad...something nobody can ever take away from me, the name is there, Class of 2002-03 and i am right, you cannot erase history and i was overjoyed that by the biggest fluke in the world that the B**** of the Baskervilles was there to see it happen, and tried during the meet and greet afterwards not to recognize me, but you knew i was there though i know you don't believe and don't want to believe that someone whom you gave the thumbs down to could bounce back from a trip to hell...actually 1996-97 really SUCKED for me...i was a gas jockey and a drug store worker, i was depressed...well more pissed off at the world than depressed and i felt life was passing me by, the best thing that ever happened is when i went to see someone who helped me get accepted at Acadia wayyyyy back in the fall of 1997 and he is still here today (Thanks you sir...you know who you are!) I had something i had never really had before as in a steady job and i felt accepted at Acadia, Moolah's and other assorted Wormslime aside... yeah math...thank someone that i didn't have to do any when i earned me history degree... i dunno...i think that i am still in the mindset of why do i have to take this? And why is it not sticking? I missed one class this semester....one class! And i made up for it by going to class that Wednesday... how did i get this way over something like this i'll never know... i remember failing Cheech's math class and having to repeat Grade 12...maybe that is it... phobia of problems of the past arrising again, it is like having a crush on someone...you don't want to say anything cause you think that everyone is going to say NO...maybe i should go over to Huggins... find some geeky cute math chick and THROW myself at her to see if that would work in helping me remembering steps to math acquasions... well just think, i flop this and that seals the door on any masters in Soc down the road...the door is pretty closed anyways, they only want the best of the best (or beast) for those masters degrees... but you know what? I have witnessed alot of presentations in classes this year and some of the kids who have the school smarts, the ones who can communicate their thoughts on paper...well when they are in front of a classroom they prove that their best talent in with their pen...or in Acadia's case, their Dell... no speaking skills, yet i usually do well with public speaking, really well... all i am saying is that sometimes those who would make really good instructors sometimes get left out in the freezing cold and those who can communicate well with thoughts on paper get in, and then people wonder why the new professor/ lecturer really SUCKS and nobody attends etc etc..well, it is NOT all about the marks sometimes, and really good profs get let go and slip through the cracks. What is funny is in cases when they go somewhere else and become famous and then the place that let him go tries to take the credit... Wayne Gretzky really did well for himself, but legend has it that the people of Brantford, according to one of my old hockey books, really gave him a hard time in the rinks while he was raising up through the junior hockey ranks, then they want to take credit for his fame... Wayne doesn't make a stink about it because he is classy, but there are others who would have told a town that called him a "puckhog and show-off" where the hell to go... sex and travel... Anyways, i has to get Assignment #3 done for my quanitative class, get something to eat and then call it a day, i am bushed and need to relax somewhat...lates!

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