Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I Smell An Agenda

Long time Webslingers..Long Time...well, my quanitative examination is history, this was on Monday from 2-5 in the gym. Well...i needed to do really good to pass this examination, super good...i hope what i did do was enough to get me over the hump. It was tricky, i kept forgetting stupid things like the Mean, Mode and Median..stuff i need to remember! The simple stuff in the math world. Chi Square and stuff like Cramier's V...i dunno gang, i was there from 2:00 to about 4:38 when i finally finished up and handed it in...now i shall find out what kind of guy is my prof, he admitted stuff before like if you get a 58, you get a 58, if you get a 59, you get a 59... however he has also stated that if you are close, he shall see. Anyways he asked us to meet him down at the Vil at 5:30, pitcher's were on him, so that reeked of coolness n stuff. I just hope it is gonna be all cool and stuff.. me Sociology of Education examination is on Saturday night in BAC 138, it can't be too bad, she gave us the questions in advance and as a result i am stll here in me jammies on this lovely Middleton afternoon. They are good questions, asking for that over so popular critical analysis on almost every one of them, questions about are teachers accepted in communities (actually they are the most scrutinized people in the community) and other questions are good too, including one about new technologies and how they play a contradictory role in education. plus there is a question about the rising costs of tuition in Canadian universities. Tuiton fees are increasing at the same time as employment opportuities are declining for young people...as well as old men like myself...kids are having to rely more and more on their folks, sources from other members of the family and or borrow funds from somewhere else in order to cover their costs of going to university in the Maritimes as well as elsewhere. They will find out about tuition hikes in the next few yrs as many blue collar bums like me from the small remote areas won't be able to afford to go to places like Acadia, Dal and SMU, you are going to see more people at the community colleges taking trades and stuff, universities in the Maritimes are threatening to become member's only clubs, Ivy League Acadia...great... betcha our forefathers of AU back in 1838 would be rolling in their graves at the prospect eh? Education for everyone! Now it's ummm...education for everyone...if ya got the bucks!!! So..i have a new hero! This fellow named Johnny Lechner goes to the University of Wisconsin as their UW-Whitewater campus..well Mr Lechner is an undergrad who is in his...his...

12th year of university as an undergrad student

Hot damn it feels good to know that i am not the only professional student in the world!!! This guy has what..ummmmm...234 college credits under his belt, about 100 over what it is that you need in order to graduate. Only problem is that Mr Lechner is totally comfortable at UW-Whitewater...kinda like how i am for the most part totally comfy at Acadia U, future Ivy League status not included. Why would he want to stop? All the girls he could ever ever want, he is beyond popular, lives a great life, it involved in with all kinds of student activities and is now running for student council president, like he is not going to win? I can hear students chanting at the pep rally's now..."One More Year! One More Year!" I really admire this guy and those who laugh at guys like me and Mr Lechner, what are you doing with your lives? Nothing! Like the article says, your changing diapers, having trouble with mortgages or maybe your serving french fries at Hardee's or something like that. There is nothing at all wrong with being a professional student, Mr Lechner, i salute you!
Well, i spent the great majority of last night talking to a girl i know, onee that i have secretly kind liked for a spell now, she went on about all these guys that use her and stuff, it is funny, all these girls always chitty chat with me and all of this other fin stuff and more, thhey always talk about how guys are always screwing them over and yet here i am mr nice guy and they never see that, no...they would rather date some scumbag who treats them more as a property than as an actual human being. Ahh..women what can ya do eh? Well gang i have been thinking and thinking about next yr, what to do? Hopefully if my Quanitative prof has a sense of humor, i will now have my double major, what to do? Well...can't really get into education or a masters degree in Soc, not right now..the GPA is ...thanks to quanitative methods..ummm it is a 2.82...you need at least a 3.0 to even be considered by the stiffs...i mean people who make the decisions, i know i can talk, i know i can lead a lecture- what two different Acadia seminars- Historical seminar back in 2002-03 and my Soc seminar in Politics & Development, both times i made an A for my presentation, both times. They are letting kids in that are so not prepped to go in front of a classroom, back at Wasted Kings these young teachers came in and i waited to see if they were going to take the frickin marbles out of their mouths, same as some of the presentations that i have gone to see where it was a thesis defence and while they made a good case, well they better have after working on it so damned long, their actual presentation, speech usage, eye contact with the crowd..ummmm..sucked. Some people can hold a crowd within the palm of their hands, i believe that i am one of those people. Ok..ok...maybe that is ego talking and all of that other S*** but come on! Well, one of my other options is going to Japan...


You heard me right, i could go teach in Japan...well...somewhere near Japan (great late Beach Boys song) and that could help me pay back some of this great debt i have incurred at Ivy...i mean Acadia and then i could come back and then apply to go into education, or whatever. I really do not and i stress it...i do NOT want to sit in Middleton for all of 2005-06, bored out of my skull and being one of those former students that i always make fun of...who knows? Maybe i'll contact Johnny Lechner, be his new pal. We could be the Can-Am Connection of university students, live on PPV... or imagine, "Robb Hawley Goes to Japan, Like The Bad News Bears!" Ok...that was lamer than lame

Anywho, it is time to grab some supper, then back in the books, work in G-Wood Thursday night and in Middleton Friday, go write this thing, ace it (yeahhhhhhhhhhh right!) and start the summer of lust..or whatever...have a good one true believers!

PS- Love this tune i found by this punk band called, The Manges called, "Blame Game"

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