Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Monday, April 04, 2005

All The Way Home

Hello Webslingers and webslingeretts!!! Long time, no Robbblog!!! Well me trip to MTA, back to the luxurious temple known as Harper Hall finally took place this weekend! Friday i got on les bus at Fundy Spray in Middleton, where i was charged a non-student fee...actually i thinks they just wanted to sell me the ticket and get me out the door ASAP..dunno why...but it was a long ol haul, some 7 and a half hrs to get there around 4:30 ish, me pally's Grover and Fraser were there to greet me and we were in route to the LC and down via taxi to Harper...people were tripping right out, it was like the second coming of the Beatles...or Reo Speedwagon...or something... We had a blast, went and saw almost everyone..well everyone who counted from last yr and Friday night i went to a fashion show at some new bar there called Paddy-O's, i was intoxicated and asked the guys when the strippers were going to start to disrobe...they even had a pole there and everything!!! I found out Striker's Sports Bar and Dave's Snack Show in good ol' downtown Sackville (or Bagtown as the radio station referred to it) were now out of business...well..why pay $3 for a burger when you can go up the road to Wendy's or Raunchy Ronnie's and have one for less? Striker's i liked alot, the owner had a local man do paintings of NHL legends like Gordie Howe and Doug Gilmour and i liked the homely feel it had...anyways i passed out at Harper at 11:00...yes folks not a misprint...11:00.... i am getting OLD!!!! No LOD here...if i was in a tag team it would be the OLD...spent the night at Grove's and slept in...till 6:30 in the morning...suprisingly i was not sick...just hung over as hell!!! I spent Sat morning doing homework, eating fast food...right now i am SICK of fast food...first thing i did when i gots home in Middleton on Sunday night was have a home cooked ham and veggies meal...so good... Anyhow, we watched some NCAA Final Four Action and ate at the annual Harper Hall cookout...it was good times and then went inside for some $1 drinks, it was so good seeing the ol' gang, my Momma asked why don't i halt the visit and go later, but with Residence life you never know when the last time you are going to see people in one place altogether, it could be the last time, you just never know these little details...i mean ..some girl may find me hot, or not...saw a girl i had a crush on last year, a blondie...only problem was a close friend had a crush on her first, creating a sort of competition...not really, he was way more accessible than i was, he watched the same sort of telly shows as she did, reality shows and all that crap...wanna get girls to come to your room? Watch reality shows, i am more of the Ramones of the college crowd, people seem to like it, but do not really know what it is...Ramones and the Misfits are two of those bands that alot of people seem to own a t-shirt of...but cannot name more than 5 of their songs...real fans eh? Anyways she is off to start a new life after graduation and me friend was really kinda down about it...felt bad for em... I wanted to find this one girl sooooooooooooooo bad the entire weekend, i saw her b-friend...not that i have anything against him, probably been dating her for god knows how long and hopefully treats her well...i asked the boys about her, but they were no help. All i know is she was an art girl and was really nice to me everytime i saw her, i just wanted to say hi.... I did see this one girl in Harper, probably a youngin..and she had a few ex pounds, but she had this really sweet smile, i said hi to her on Sat in the middle of a drunken stupor and she smiled at me at the BBQ and in the lobby (hint Robbo hint hint) Well...probably just being nice...ya know..kids and stuff, ok...i now know why me and Grover were co-winner's of Harper's DOM Award last year (Dirty Old Man) Went to the Pub Sat night, but it was kinda i dunno...boring and stuff, maybe i needed to get sloshed to have a better time...i dunno... i was having more fun hanging out in Harper, eating Greco Party Pizza.. ie..off the subject but.. What the hell happened to the Greco in Wolfville?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!??!!? I mean, how the hell can a pizza place close in a college town? Oh well, as per usual Old Man Robbo does not know the whole story and is talking out of his A**........ Anyways i woke up on Sunday and left the cozy confines of Harper for the long ol' haul home that Acadian Lines promised...Grover for two days was asking me to get him a McGriddle...next yr dude..i shall arrive and deliver a McGriddle... the entire gang..or what is left of the gang is moving to the basement in Harper and another friend of mine is going to be their RA, i shall visit again probably in September and or October, seeing how things go...man what a long ol bus ride... I think Acadian Lines should spring for at least some benches to put where people have to wait for the bus...i miscalculated and ended up waiting an extra hr for the bus and the people inside the gas station were like looking at me as if i had come in to rob them blind, there were seniors out there waiting for the bus and stuff, leaning on walkers... poor people... something that they should look into anyways... I did me speech last week on Andre Gunder Frank's Dependency Theory for Modern Soc and handed in me term paper on the very same subject today... it went ok...the speech did anyways with me discussing that The Dependency Theory is a worldview suggesting that the wealthy nations of the world need a peripheral group of poorer states to remain wealthy. The system of dependency was said to be created with the industrial revolution and the expansion of European empires around the world due to their superior power and wealth.
These poor nations provide natural resources, cheap labor, and markets to the wealthy nations, without which they could not have the standard of living they enjoy and any attempt by the dependent nations to resist the influences of dependency will result in economic sanctions and/or military invasion and control. Sound good eh? having quite a lengthy Q & A session with me fellow classmates after the speech...besides i was wearing me Johnny Cash shirt for the speech...The term paper i have been working on is well...a piece of S***... honest to god, it is crap... i have references, but none where they should be, it looks like something that was done at the last minute, well...in actual fact i have worked on it since February off and on.. and believe it i worked on it during the trip... So i am all done all me papers for the year- i hand in my Sociology of Education paper tonight on "Children of the Market" It was a paper based on an article about how television and other forms of mass media have blurred the lines between childhood and adulthood. This is said to lead to confusion, children will want to be older than their years allow them to be. The general consensus states that childhood is seen as a waste of time, that it swallows up resources that could be placed into other agendas, like education and its costs. Then next week we have a debate in class and then we are done till examinations...my only assignment left is one for Quanitative Methods on SSPS...lovely stuff lemmie tell ya...one night i did up me marks for the term and i am running about a 2.8 and then when i take out the good ol' Quanitative Methods it is about a 3.2.......... UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Nottta Rush!!!!
Anyways i am kinda sad i missed Wrestlemania last night, the Hulkster was there and beat up the two guys posing as being from Afghanastan and stuff, plus HHH lost, which is not a bad thing as he only holds his spot by being married to the bosses daughter. i missed the outdoors game that took place in Hamilton over the weekend, man...imagine seeing Probert, McSorely, Bertuzzi and others on the ice at the same time?!?!?!?!? Bettman be damned (Get lost outta hockey ya damn pansy...jeesh) I am not just going to go see Motorhead, but man...CFL action in town, hopefully Hfx gets a franchise outta this, and pleeeeeeeeese build a stadium, not downtown Hfx where it would be squeegee boy hell and not near the North End...they should put out near Exhibition Park with LOTS and LOTS of parking...parking near the Metro Centre?!?!?!? Forgettaboutit!!!! More parking at the frickin Forum for poopsakes!!! Always petrified of getting mugged n stuff...anyways i gots a class at 7, hopefully people are still there after 8:15 tonight...anyways..lates!!!!!

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