Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Mad Magazine Presents: Up The Academy

One of my favorite guilty pleasures from when i was barely a teen growing up in Eastern Passage was this gem released by Warner in the mid 80's. It was about misfit kids vs. superstrict teacher in a superstrict school (a military academy) who come out on top. What gives it pizazz is its take-no-prisoners attitude as far as the jokes are concerned. Quite a backstory to the film as well, i guess Mad Magazine wanted to compete with the success of National Lampoon's Animal House, so they wrote this classic..well actually it was one of the most un-PC comedies i had ever seen and the kids who bought Mad actually couldn't get into see it cause of the dreaded R rating it recieved...Mad was embaressed over the film and wanted all references to Mad Magazine and Alfred E Neuman excised from the film when it was released to video and paid Warner Bros $30,000 to do so...except Warner had to refund the money when they found out the film had been released to Canada and overseas with all references intact. I wonder if this is the reason why this is not out on DVD? Actor Rob Lieberman, who was one of the best parts of the film as Major Vaughn Liceman had his name removed from the credits and all advertising due to embaressment brought forth from the film. Personally, i think it is a rocking film, has an awesome soundtrack from the Stooges, Blondie, Sammy Hagar, Boomtown Rats, Cheap Trick and this band called, "Blow-Up" who had these two songs, "Kickin Up a Fuss" and "Beat The Devil" (I wanna find those two songs!!! HELP!!!) that led to lots of rewinds...along with most of actress Stacy Nelkin's scenes..(whatever happened to her..whatta hottie!!!) Anywho...hope there is no legal mess between Mad Magazine and Warner Bros and they can put this out on DVD ASAP!!!! Posted by Hello

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