Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Anything for Now

Wowsers! A whole week and no no bloogo Webslingers!!!! Well i have been a busy boy, well off and on busy anyways, still handing out resumes, sending a few in the mail to other areas in hopes of someone noticing my great skills...ya all stop laughing now! Well i have a major announcement...


The BEACH BOYS are playing an outdoor concert at STFX in Antigonish on Sunday, August 7th with an estimated 4 p.m start time!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


The organizers are expecting some 10,000 people to show up to the show, i am so there! I have to get into contact with that sleazy Bullen and Old Man Russel to see if i can come crash at their places, to think we can have an actual Tower reunion in the backyard of one of our schools greatest opponents, and what an occasion for this to happen! i mean could you imagine if you had told me a couple of years ago that i could possibly be reuniting with some Tower buddies at STFX for the purpose of seeing The BEACH BOYS?!?!?!?!?!?!? The fricking BEACH BOYS!!!! Ok so there will be no Wilson's there and many people say that the BEACH BOYS without Wilsons is like water without waves, but still there is something to be said about the atmosphere of corwd-surfin, beach balls flying and people both young and old wearing Hawiian shirts, hopefully without any of this crappy rain putting a damper on stuff, i mean it is an experience, i have had the BEACH BOY experience many times and now i shall plan on having it again...which leads me to...

Hello Acadia...

If..no when the Beach Boys draw 10,000-15,000 to STFX, you can thank me...why is Old Man Robb saying this? Because i have been saying for years that the Beach Boys would draw a crowd at Raymond Field, asking why don't we get the Beach Boys to kick off the start of a new school year? However when they see how good this is going to go over, they will try and some dumbass who thinks he is the be all end all...ASU?...more like ASSU...anywho far be it for us to have origniality eh? I will be checking out STFX and comparing it to Acadia, i mean i attended Mount A for a year and then i will calcualte my own picture as to why we are getting our ass whupped in the McLeans poll (as useless as it may seem) every year.
Umm yeah, the weekend was pretty uneventful, my nephew visited and stuff, plus i worked on Saturday night in Middleton. I had a pretty irate customer, actually he's usually a pain in the ass so i was happy that he was mr pissy pants again, he accused me of not selling him one of his movies that he had brought to the counter on Thursday when i worked from 10-6 at the store formerly known as Town & Country, the only problem was that he did NOT bring said movie to the counter, therefore i did not sell this particular video to him, well he huffed and puffed and bitched and moaned to my co-worker on Saturday and said he was going to phone me Sat night at work and totally bitch me out...well i waited and waited and waited...and ummmmmmmmmmm...no call... oh well... plus i visited Wal-Mart and made a few purchases out of the $6.99 bin, "Sleepaway Camp" and "Johnny B Goode" Sleepaway is a cult classic, me and my ol pal Richie used to call a girl in Tower Sleepaway because we saw her go to the men's bathroom over and over again and we figured that she had something extra between her legs like the chickie...i mean guy err the it from Sleepaway Camp...and Johnny B Goode was me and old pal Barry's fav flick from around 1992-93, Anthony Micheal Hall...i mean could you have imagined back around the time of Sixteen Candles this twirp all of a sudden playing football? I mean in Johnny B Goode it looks like he has been eating trees or Lou Ferrigno or something... fun flick, with the principal from the Breakfest Club, Paul Gleason (Who also was in Van Wilder, another awesome Robbo flick!) steals the show as Hall's prick of a football coach, i remember for years whenever i had a few wobblepops and was in the vicinity of a piano i would start frigging around and yelling out, "Sweet Lucy Brown" like Gleason did early on in the flick....
Well today i applied for more jobs and actually went to the G-Wood Mall, which is kinda like going to an everyday bad high school reunion, seeing girls from my day pushing carriages with 4-5 kids, classmates who are prematurely going bald and stuff...weird..
Well an old school mate did stop me in the mall long enough to invite me to his bachlor party which is taking place in July at Doolies, so i shall be up for that...haven't ruined a good bachlor party in a long time...I have still been talking to that special someone, she asked me on the weekend if i would come by her place and help her pack this week and has said all kinds of stuff like how i am going to have to finally meet her Dad, she is moving to Halifax early so i think i am going to have to do something when i go visit her....nothing drastic, but just be upfront with stuff ya know, how i feel and all that kinda stuff...then again i could just let it slide, i mean the girl is moving away, what is the worst that i could do? Then again, do i want to sit around all summer pining becuase of one nice moment...or damning myself for not doing anything at all...kinda like last summer eh? You know who you are from last summer, all you do if hide behind excuses like your parents and other stupid excuses when you should be accountable for your own actions, telling me stuff in an e-mail, the easiest way out instead of maybe showing some initiative and saying it face to face, some of my ex's...they may be total wankers and yes i wish shit on them, but at least when they dumped me (what a mistake!!! i mean ...jeesh!) they did it face to face, not coping out with the excuse that their parents made them do it when they are into their mid 20s and stuff...you said you were disgusted with yourself? You SO were not disgusted during the stops on our trips, when we got out and stretched...you were NOT disgusted at all... no fake mind games folks, honesty is the best policy that one can have, if you do not have honesty, then you are cast into a sea of doubting one's self... however sometimes when you do not have doubt about things, this has the tendency to make other's look bad...like when i was not doing oh so awesome in a course and the instructor made a point of saying that i could not do upper level courses becuase his/hers course was required before i took those other courses and he/her implied of how bad i would do at those courses...well you should have seen the look of suprise and astonishment when i told he/she/it that i already had those courses and had made an A and a B+ in them, which i was supposedly not able to do without he/she/ it's whatever it was a useless class.... even if there are no long term benifits sometimes, just to show somebody up once in awhile feels DAMN FUCKING GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well..i went to the bookstore and finally, now that it is in softcover, picked up, "To Be The Man" by Ric Flair, i brought it home and spent the evening reading all 459 pages of it...and wow! This has to be the best autobiography of a professional wrestler i have ever read in my life, Flair was an adopted child, his parents adopted him through the Tennessee Children's Home Society, to those who do not know, The Tennessee Children's Society home was involved in a nation-wide adoption scandal selling children that were appropriated through the court system and a corrupt judge, Camiel Kelly in Memphis, Tennessee. This scandal has been documented in several magazine and news paper articles. This Tennessee Children's Society was operated by Georgia Tann and the background is that Tann organized Tennessee Children's home Society in Memphis to remove children from the slums and put them into the hands of the rich, who would educate them. She took children out of hospitals, homes, parks, anywhere she could find a poorly dressed or dirty child. Her system started doing what it was intended to do, but the huge profits blinded her and turned the system into outright baby trafficking with little regard to what kind of person the purchaser was. She left behind a legacy of hate that would have put her in prison if she hadn't died before the Tennessee Attorney General could finish the investigation. In 1950, the Governor of Tennessee called for an investigation of the Tennessee Children's Home black market baby operations, said to have grossed $1 million for Georgia Tann, the superintendent of the local branch of the home. Tann was accused of fraudulently persuading pregnant mothers to relinquish their children. A number of Hollywood celebrities adopted children through the home. During the investigation, local attorneys and justices were found to be part of the scandalous network of adoption that allowed adoptive parents to be out-of-state residents. The Tennessee Children's Home Society is a sad story, it is dramatic and shows southern politics at its worst--congenial, respected public figures running shady deals in the back room. As for the rest, i always knew that Flair hated Eric Bischoff and that in March of 2003 he actually attacked Bischoff backstage during a WWE Raw show, Bischoff was an ass kisser of the highest magnatude who degraded Flair during his time with WCW so badly that Flair lost his confidence in himself and wanted to retire, seeing as Bischoff was no longer an executive in WWE, Flair attacked him and was stopped before he could do any real damage.. anyways, pick it up, it is at an affordable price now at $11.99 and is a good read for anybody, not just wrestling diehards...
Oh before i forget, here are the tour dates for this summer's Grand Prix Wrestling tour!!!

June 7 Souris, PEI
June 8 O'Leary, PEI
June 9 Sunny Corner, NB
June 10 Lamèque, NB
June 11 Grand Anse, NB
June 12 Petit-Rocher, NB
June 13 Cocagne, NB
June 14 Petitcodiac, NB
June 15 Tagamagouche, NS
June 16 Barrington Passage, NS
June 17 Bridgewater, NS
June 18 Berwick, NS
June 19 Borden-Carleton, PEI
June 20 Cocagne, NB
Possible locations down the road: Florenceville, Nackawic, Springhill, and bigger cities like Halifax, Moncton, Saint John and Sydney.

Anyhow i am off to bed, not working till Saturday night in Middleton, so some more job hunting and stuff will be happening this week...so till whenever..lates!
PS..Some More BEACH BOYS!!!!

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