Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Friday, May 20, 2005

Almost There, Going Nowhere

Hey there Webslingers!?!?!??!!!!!!! The last few days have been...well...kinda here and stuff. Nope no callbacks on any jobs, so nothing new to report on that front, so i am working tonight in the store formerly known as Town & Country while the rest of North America is out watching the latest abomination from George Lucas, well geeks and dweebs are, along with kids who sucker their parents into taking them. Now not to contradict myself, but i used to brag my father into taking me to see the original trilogy of Star Wars back in the day, but today seems different, now we have geeks and collectors who will go into Wal-Mart and other notorious places where all kinds of zombie wormslime gather on a daily basis and bowl innocent kids over so that they can buy up all of the toys and stuff, make them into collectiables and then seel them at jacked-up prices on Ebay and elsewhere...it all boils down to the mighty dollar..then George puts the original trilogy out on Dvd...but not as we remember it...Noooooooooooooo! He has to put out those crappy CGI laden special editions that he unleashed on the public in 1997. I will wait to see the new one, the last two have been nothing to write home about and so i shall wait...it is still funny to see the dorks lined up, they need lives besides drinking Diet Dr Pepper and making crappy HTML pages on computers in their parents basements. Wait!!! I am in my parents basement!!! Damn... anyways i feel the latest craze over this latest installment- last one George? You money W****!?!?!?!?! YEAHHHHHHHHHHH RIGHT!!! Something tells me that ol Georgy Porgy isn't done yet, not when he sees some $300 million that this puppy is gonna make... then again i have never seen so many people so excited to see a movie where EVERYONE knows what is going to happen at the end. My brother is always like, "Oh the special effects...oh the CGI...ohhh the special effects!!" So what? It was so much better back in the day when they built little dinky modelships of the ol' X-Wing Fighters and did it day that...models looked so much more realistic than computer technology to Old Man Robb...something a little strange bout that eh? Oh Well...i'll always have my burned off copies of Japanese laserdics on CD-Rom and the STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL!!!!!- (Mention that one to ol' Georgy fanboys!!!!) Anyways i was at career resources today at the Middleton Community College and i noticed another ad for the Acadia Library, except this one was for a Special Collections Research Assistant whom must have an interest in library archival research and Atlantic Canadian History, oh and they must be a History Major...well...hows about a History Graduate? Look folks, they always say at many of these places that you have a lack of experience, however they fail to realize that you must get this experience in order to obtain the experience that they ae indeed looking for. All i am looking for is a chance to get my foot in the door, make my mark. This way i will then have the experience that maybe future employers, if i then decided to leave are looking for. Plus it will also be appealing if i decide to down the road pursue getting into education at AcadiaU. This job is asking for lots of things that i have learned how to do while pursuing my degrees such as conducting historical research using primary and secondary sources, assisting in the production of a digital archive and doing some work with the internet making a web-based interface for project information. I know i can do all of this, so i am going to between now and tomorrow tweak my resume just a little more, leave on my curriculum vitae and see if i can make it up to Acadia on Monday. Oh well...i guess i can become a professional video clerk if nothing else.......... So i phoned that girl the other night, well...we spoke for like 4 hrs about stuff and she noticed that i was interested in her, damn i must be obvious! She claimed that even her friend noticed! It is strange because i have known this girl an awfully long time and she is moving in a month to Halifax to go pursue more education. Only now i am opening my mouth and admitting stuff...what a loser i can be sometimes eh? Hope my parents don't kill me about the long distance bill... Anyways i have to wrap things up and get working on that revised resume, take my wash out of the dryer and make supper..it looks like a Din Din De Le Kraft night..WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! (Ric Flair style!!!) Oh well in the meantime and in-between time, have a good one webslingers!!!!

PSSSSSSSSSST- Found another on-line classic (or not so classic)............BRUCE LI IN NEW GUINEA!!!!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!!??!?!?!?!

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