Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Slow To Fade

Hello there Webslingers!!! First things first...


Hard to believe that at 60 yrs of age that Lemmy still has the energy of a 30 yr old! The three piece put on a 90 minute show capped by the Ace of Spades!!! A good crowd of ohhh about 2000- 2500 people were on hand and there looked to be an equal number on the outside looking in...i think the show should have been held at the Forum itself. I hope they come back again, it would be oh so cool to see them do a show at the SUB or something eh? I dunno all the naysayers would have something to say about that i am sure. Still haven't checked my marks, what a chicken**** i am eh? I dunno, it has been a decent week with Motorhead and ECPW Wrestling tonight in Kentville, (Plus i will be listening to this awesome tune i found by a band called "Teenage Bottlerocket" called, "Bloodbath at BURGER KING!!!?!?!?!?!?!!??!!!!!!!!!!!............So, yeah back to what it was that i was thinking about checking the marks on Friday or something like that, that sounds cool to me, besides, we all know that there is no way in hell that i made that C- in Quanitative Methods, no way...the first hint was my prof on the day i returned my laptop to useless support, when he said i didn't think i was going to hit that 60, however at that time he had only marked the first part of the examination and proceeded to tell that there are some things that i had done well, really well and others that had been done ummmmmmm really badly. Right now i do not care at all...i am still looking at doing the education thing in a few years, i used to dream of doing a Masters in Sociology, but now i am disillusioned with the whole thing, i would have to encounter stats once again, my kryptonite, and i really do not want to see a stats problem for a long...long time. Remember that getting into education is based on your overall GPA, not just one silly unnecessary course that manages to mangle your GPA... actually getting into education is either through your combined GPA or the GPA of your major, the lady also mentioned having alot of volunteer work on your resume when applying for education. ..holy S*** look at that frickin HAMBURGER!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Well... i handed in my new and improved resume for the position of recruitment officer at AU, do i have a chance? I do not know, there are lots of other people applying and if they look at their academic record and compare it to mine, then the chance for me is between nill and none..... however i have alot more experience than many of those applicants, many who are about ohhhh a good 10 or so years younger than i am and not to really stick my foot in my mouth, but haven't really, outside of academics paid their dues, Mommy and Daddy have done alot for those students, passing the buck instead of saying go earn it on your own kid, they were the kind of kids that drove by blasting rap from the speakers of their parents Ferrari's while i was up in the trees in 100 degree temperature's picking apples for scab wages, not all kids were like that of course, but alot were whether they realize it or not.... anyways i wore my best suit for the dropping off of the resume and people looked impressed, i was a bit disappointed that the coordinator was still in New England, ...i miss my families trips to the New England states...i remember in Maine when i would always find silly little shops like THIS ONE!!!!...anyways..yeah the resume, they put it in a folder and left it in a pile saying priority, hopefully that means something good will come out of it. I hope to at least land a formal interview out of it anyways. I had to run from up the hill back to uhall when i discovered that i had forgotten to sign my cover letter...i must have looked like a dunce as the secretary looked at me as if i was a madman, running back into the office with hair (what's left of it after my recent haircut) and suit jacket blowing in the wind... crazy Robbo..crazy...what you will see below is the body of my new cover letter...wonder how it sounds?

Dear (name withheld)

I am applying for the position of Recruitment Officer at Acadia University for the forthcoming 2005-06 academic year.

As a Recruitment Officer, I will bring you over ten years of customer service experience, excellent written and verbal communication skills and phenomenal leadership qualities. I am organized, punctual and I can easily adjust to a changing, fast pace working environment. I am mature, honest and I thrive on an environment in which I can work independently as well as being a team player. I am confident in my public speaking abilities in front of a wide range of audiences.

As a recent graduate and alumni member of Acadia University I feel the need for Acadia's needs and expectations and I could lend my experiences to incoming students to Acadia University.
I have enclosed my resume for your consideration, given both my education and background, I am sure that you will unanimously choose me for this position. I look forward to representing Acadia University. Thank you for your consideration; I look forward to hearing from you in the future.


Old Man Robb (ok...that part is a joke!)

Sound good? Sound crappy? Well...i hope it is enough to help me land this position... it would be good, it would boost the resume. Man i was pissed earlier this year when the campus D*****bag published that editorial about people resume building, this from the biggest brownnoser i had ever had the disgust of laying my freaking eyes on!!! I was hoping that administration would not stop short because his guy had his head so far up their collective asses that he would know what they had for fricking breakfest!!!!! Ok..enought about that and what about the new girl at the help desk?!?!?!?!?! Man the girl at the help desk in the SUB is an absolute BABE!!! I seen her working at the hockey games this year, i am sure she must have a better half, the nice ones who are pretty and a nice person at the same time usually have a boyfriend of some sort... oh well.... weird to see the SUB and stuff all deserted......Gymkata was one of my ex's favorite movies, she wanted to buy it a few years ago and my boss just gave it to her, it had sat on the shelf that fricking long!!!! Why that is not on DVD i dunno...glad to see it get trashed though.......... can't wait for tonight, something about going to see local wrestling, i dunno if it is the crowds (must be seen to be believed!!!) or the wrestling (almost must be seen to be believed!!!) At least i heard some promotion on the radio yesterday, giving away tickets to the Maritime Cup II that is taking place tonight, bell time is at 7:00 so i shall have an early supper and head up...too bad they don't allow tailgating parties eh? Could you imagine a wrestling tailgaiting party? Oh well, anyways i should get dressed, been up since 8, walked the mutts and this afternoon i shall have some lunch...i remember when me and Craigger used to listen to one of his rocking K-Tel albums called, "Blockbuster!?!?!?!?!" when we were little brats in the Passage, we honestly thought that the words to KC & The Sunshine Band's "Get Down Tonight" was "Do a little dance, make a little lunch, get down tonight!" oh well...to be old eh?
Anyways a little lunch, wash the jeep, maybe check in at human Resources up at the Community College to keep that lovely (and i do mean LOVELY) lady informed of how the job hunt is going and then off tonight to the Maritime Cup II...have a good one ya all!!!!

Pssssssssssst-Rocking tune from the now late great, Get-Up Kids (final tour this summer...sniff) Martyr Me


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