Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Institutionalized Misogyny

Hello there Webslingers of all shapes, sizes and measurements! Well how have a i been since the letdown of the days past? Well...not as organized and as progressive as i had previously hoped, however there is some signs of life, today i went to hand in a resume at good ol' AcadiaU! The position open is that of an Archival Records Assistant in the Watson Kirkconnell Room which is located in the basement of the Vaughn, the Kirkconnell Room is the reading room for Archives and Special Collections at Acadia University and opened in 1979-80. Anyways, the job resume required a few things like some knowledge of archival material and some university..(Ol' Robbo? Some university? hahahha!!!!) Plus according to the print out of the job description, they will provide training. Now i had to supply a few things in order to apply for this position, i had to give a resume, a sample of a major paper done as a course requirement and three references. Well my resume had to be edited of course by the lovely lady up at the community college and it is now top notch looking, not saying what is on the paper is topnotch, but the layout is. As for a term paper, i gave one that i did for Social Theory on different social theorists like Karl Marx, Max Weber and Emile Durkheim. I made 81% on this paper (An A- for those of you who do not know...) and being as it was part of a course requirement and from this past year at Acadia, i felt that this was the paper to present. Two of my three references came from professors at the university and from my local MLA, whom i have known since 1990-91, when i came to West Kings, so that is good and finally i did my first ever curriculum vitae..Many of you are asking yourselves the same nitty gritty question right now i betcha...what in the living hell is a curriculum vitae?!?!?!?!?!?!??? WEllllllllllllll...by quote unquote "borrowing" a little, i shall try to explain as best as possible...

A curriculum vitae is also called a CV or just Vita for short. It's similar to a resume, in that it's a summary of one's qualifications. But it typically includes more information than a resume. In fact, it's more like a career biography: Curriculum vitae means "course of life" in Latin.
Below is a list of typical elements that go into a curriculum vitae. Which elements you'd include depends on the purpose of your curriculum vitae, the recipient's requirements, your qualifications, and the country in which you are submitting it.
Complete contact information
Brief biography with personal details such as age, place of birth and family status
Professional, career or research objective
Study abroad
Thesis or dissertation title and advisor
Graduate fieldwork
Awards, honors and patents
Grants and fellowships
Research experience
Work experience
Publications and presentations
Professional licenses and certifications
Language skills
Professional memberships
Related extracurricular activities

So yesterday and today i wrote my very first Curriculum Vitae...down below is some of it, i know mine is kinda amateur, but here it is anyways:

Curriculum Vitae:

(Address Withheld)

Degrees Held:

B.A.- Acadia University (2002-03)

Major Areas of Scholary Competence and Concern:

Historical Research
Social Theory
Social Movements

Memberships in Associations:

Acadia University Acadia History Society, Charter Member: 2001-02
Acadia University Crowell Tower 3rd Floor Representative: 1999-00 and 2000-01

Service to Acadia University:

Acadia University Campus Tour Guide: 2001-02
Acadia University Crowell Tower Welcome Week Leader: 2001-02
Acadia University Radio Acadia: Campus Radio Station: 2000-01

Service to the Academic Community Outside of Acadia University:

Mount Allison University CHMA: Campus Radio Station: 2003-04
Kingstec Community College Weekly In-house Radio Show 1995-96

Selected Service to the Broader Community:
Kingston Arena, Kingston, Nova Scotia: September 1991 to September 1996
Position: Hockey Announcer and Statistician.
Bragg Communications, Aylesford, Nova Scotia: June 1991 to September 1996
Position: Camera Operator and On-Air Personality.

Ok so it is not too much there when compared to my professors, but then again we all have to start somewhere eh? Well...last night was historic..ok maybe marginal in the grand scheme of things, but a special someone in my life well...pretty much found out how i care about her, physcially as i chatted with this special friend till like ummmmmmmmm 5:00 in the morning on MSN and i basically told her EVERYTHING!!! Well..she always kinda beats around the bush when i tell her stuff with responses like, "lmao" "awwwwwwwwww" and "Your Funny" and "Your Cute" and the ever popular "lol"... well she knows, but we're just friends, as Aerosmith sang once, "The Same Old Song and Dance" ...you know girls though right guys? You like a certain one, they only like you as a friend and any fooling around is a gigantic NO-NO cause they never look at it as just fooling around, plus they are always looking for something better out there, whatever that something is i do not know, they want those anorexic looking guys, or ones with a nice car and cash and or the guy who treats them like total and utter S*** and the girls always have to make excuses for them like, "You don't know him like i do" yeah right honey bunny... maybe girls are insecure about themselves, that is why they like these jackasses that are in reality poor excuses for boyfriends and once a jerk of a boyfriend has control of an individual, he then can go do whatever he wants, go hang out with other toss off's that are his friends and or cheat to death on the poor girl that he is dating....why? Becuase they usually have no respect for the poor girl, are power tripping cause they control the girl's emotions and feel that they can do as they please, and one of the first orders of business for jerks who usually come with the nice car and play loud and shitty crap music, with their spoilers and subwoofers and usually looking like quite the ass****s... usually they pick up what one of my ex's likes to refer to as "Prostitots"...basically jailbait that hangs around the burbs or malls that will take off in a sec with a jerky older guy with a hot car... disgusting isn't it? This is a good poem i found on the net about relationships..dunno who wrote it as to give credit...but it is a good one:

Relationships Suck (author unknown)

Relationships suck...period
That's all there is to it
They can be going great, and still, something sucks about them
They really suck when they go bad, or don't go at all
Some feel complete, till you realize they're sucking you in and ruining your life
Some just flat out feel incomplete from the start, something necessary is missing
Some feel like over-rated friendships and not anything more
Some don't go, no matter how much you'd like them to
The reason they all suck is they all have down sides
Having to care about someone else
Having to make compromises and sacrifices
Having to be there for someone
Having to feel good because you're in a relationship
But when you think about it, these aren't really bad things at all
They just seem like it when things don't work out
I guess the real reason relationships suck is this:
We can't life without them

Ok..enough about the relationship stuff already! Me and her are just friends and that is that! Ahh all of this work for a job and stuff, none of which may be coming my way, but it is all good toi be hopeful anyways eh? My brother and other people, including my mother have told me that it was a waste of time for me to go to college, that i should have gone to community college...well i did and it was a drastic waste of time as it was nothing more than a glorified high school with a nasty BITCH of the Baskervilles who was designed to weed people out, not teach. At least university set me straight on how to get ahead in the world and that the hidden curriculum and glass ceiling are always going to exist whether we like it or not.

Depressing Isn't it?

Anyways after i dropped off my resume for the job of Archive Records Assistant at Acadiau, i went to my basement apartment and cleared out the washroom of my personal belongings and then went down to Econo Entertainment in New Minas and bought the special edition DVD of Burt Reynolds classic, "The Longest Yard" for $6.95!!!! Can't beat that price eh? I am going to go see the Adam Sandler remake when it comes out on May 27th of this month. Wonder if Sandler is going to get a Stone-Cold Stunner from Steve Austin in the movie? Oh well...i am going to go to ol Tim Horny's and get a large triple-triple and then phone someone...she told me that i could so i may as well..it is nice to dream eh? oh well.................anyways webslingers stay outta the mall, have a Colt 45 and smile!!! Lates!

Psssssssssst...Bored tonight? Watch Bruce Lee in the Chinese Connection!!!

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