Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Third Time Today!!!!

Hi Webslingers....a real long time this time eh? Well it would have been a shorter time if Blogger would get their F***ing act together and stop my posts from stopping in midsteam for like the 3rd time today...then when i go to recover my post, i can only recover part of it...anywho.... Well...i recieved my marks and for the most part i am ok with it, with the exception of one mark and if one was previously reading these Robbblogs, well they would then have no trouble wahtsoever at figuring out which mark it was indeedy. I went to see someone in power about it on Tuesday afternoon and rest assured something will come out of it. My avererage for the year slipped down to a 2.67 because of it (around a B-...yeah thanks a lot dude!) and my overall average for Soc is around 2.66, so yeah i am a B- kinda guy i guess. What i am left with it called a "Fat Major" however it still kinda sticks in me craw if you know what i mean. So anyways i am awaiting word back on that front. So i am still looking for work, i heard back on the recruitment job and it looks as if i am S*** out of luck on that front as well, they had stopped accepting resumes before i had applied, well it would have been nice for the job bank to state this or something of the sort, even the e-mail that i had received said nothing about a cut off date, they did say that theyb are going to keep my resume on file for the time being in case things don't work out with one of the potential hirees. I have applied for several jobs now this summer, including one resume i mailed last Friday to Windsor in reference to a job at the Windsor Museum and the West Hants Historical Society. Maybe i'll get a call on that one and maybe not. I also mailed a resume into the base yesterday as they are looking for someone to help at the Family and Children Resource Center in Greenwood and finally i am applying to the Vaughn Library of all places where they are looking for a research asssistant, one of the job criteria's asks if you can carry 40 pounds, so that is what i am looking to do here folks, score a decent job, pay back some of this absurd student loan that i have and then maybe in some two years time i can go back to school, preferably Acadia and then go for my education degree. Having a decent mark in your major can go along ways in helping the powers may be in deciding that you can be a good addition to the educational ranks, that is why if i can find steady employment that is not the video store, then i can pay back my student loan. Then i can formally apply to get into education at Acadia. Also i am told that it is a good idea to have lots and lots of volunteer experience when trying to get into education at Acadia, the lovely (and i do mean lovely) lady up at Middleton Community College explained to me that i had wayyyyyyyyy too much volunteer stuff on my resume and we had to shave some stuff off. Well...i went to see ECPW Wrestling at the Kentville Arena last Wednesday, i was told that it was the largest crowd (800 + people) to see an independent wrestling show in the Maritimes in years. Also the show was being taped for a new reality television series entitled, "Wrestling With Reality" which looks to be interesting as well. However the biggest news of the night that i recieved from my sources is the return to the Maritimes of GRAND PRIX WRESTLING!!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Whooooooooooo!!! When my nephew comes down from Dartmouth to visit this summer, i will take him to the Berwick Arena so that he can have a taste of the Grand Prix experience. AS long as he discontinues dressing like Enimem or whoever that talentless hack is.. ahh can't stand rap at all. Here's a little something i stole off the net that sums everything up in perspective.........

"Ah..Yes. Wiggers..The whitest men to turn black that we all hate..and if you don't hate them,you will die.It's a fact. They talk like the hippest black people you know yet look like a white man that had gotten ran over by the soul train.Or there is the wiggers who speak very poor "jive"talk and dress like they shop at the big and tall stores..Those are the real ones that piss me off..when I see them I think "Wonder if I socked him in the face if his posse of white gangsters will come at me with plastic guns from the 99 cent store yelling 'Yo,Dawg lay off my homie"..But many can see through these poor white gangsters..the true sweater vest-wearing tennis players that live within them..Maybe they hope if they have a gangster persona they will become famous like eminem or Jamie Kennedy who happened to make a movie about a wigger...Okay,listen Jamie..DON'T MAKE MOVIES ABOUT WIGGERS..We have enough of the damn bastards..we don't want them copying off white-black people after they pretty much ruined the slick black-man style..don't ruin us aswell! By the way..to my viewers out there..these comments are no way racial towards black people..I love black people. Just not white morons who act black!..So for now on..everytime you see a wigger,please go ahead and proceed to kick them in their testicles until they turn black aswell. Thank you and goodnight!"--

Alex Rantsalot"If only I had the patience to read all that"

I had colored friends who lived in res with me for all of these years and they think wiggers are hysterical.
I finally got to see the Dukes of Hazzard trailer the other day, this could be the sleeper of the summer...ok i've been wrong before, of course my brother thinks it is a waste of film, but since they are not wearing capes, masks and not enhanced by a ton of crappy CGI effects, he won't og see it...to be shallow...i mean Jessica Simpson may look plastic and all and dumb as a log, but i don't think my brother would chase her out of the house screaming "Out ugly!" It looks like Seann William Scott and Johnny Knoxville have their parts nailed, so it remains to be seen how it will do. Alot of people love to judge movies before they come out, i remember alot of people saying how Freddy Vs Jason was going to tank in the summer of 2003, but wasn't it movies like the Hulk which sucked royally..bad CGI, bad acting everything... it didn't deliver the goods, like Godzilla 98 (Never let Matthew Brodrick carry an action film....ever) i remember people at the theatre being disappointed cause he sure didn't look like Godzilla, he looked like some 5th rate Jurassic Park straight to video bullcrap up on the screen. I am back on Limewire this summer and i have been downloading some good stuff including the Hanson Brothers classic, "I Never Will Forget Her" from their now out of print album, " Sudden Death"
Last night i told a girl on MSN that i have had a thing for her...acutally that is a lie, i out and out told her about my fetish for her, yeah foot in mouth time...which she did not have a problem with at all (weird) However she is moving to Halifax at the end of the summer and i am still here...roaming around the Acadia campus with no purpose other than it is home, like Jason and Camp Crystal Lake..ok i am not murdering people..although there are some who need to be put in their proper place. I was talking to the oh-so lovely girl at the info desk in the SUB and we were chatting about Radio Acadia. I know there are some guys who are working on bringing it back, but are they doing it for the proper reasons? Are they doing it for the better good of the students and are about to give an equal opportunity for students to go on the air and have some fun? Or are they in it for what they think is going to be some glory, in it for themselves and are only going to include their friends in their little clique's in on. If that is the case, then it will fail. Remember 2001-02? No? Becuase that is what happened! Radio Acadia got a new manager and a new program director and they proceeded to hire all of their friends and the station did not last the year. There are lots of people who say that college radio sucks and that all they ever play is weirdo music.. that is why alot of college radio stations hire outside managers and program directors, to make sure all of the shows do not sound the same. For example if you have a punk rock show or two, then you do not need three. If you have a couple of shows centered around different languages and cultures, then you only need a few, in other words speciality shows have to be spread out and do not forget about the Candian content ruling as laid out by the CRTC, that you must play 30% Canadian Content and 30% New material. I always got around it by playing fast new punk from underground bands, this was to give these bands some exposure and to go get to playing stuff that i wanted to play like old school punk lik the Ramones, Sex Pistols and the Clash. ....... Hopefully "Assume The Position" will return...someday....

I think that "Bruce Lee Fights Back From The Grave" will be heralded as a cult classic...someday...

So i have a few things to do, i have to work tomorrow at the store formally known as Town & Country, then Saturday in Greenwood and then Sunday me and my brother are moving me out from my basement apartment to home in Middleton for the summer. Hopefully i find some employment of a good paying nature soon, that is why i am heading back to human resources this afternoon to continue the search

Psst- Ramones- Pet Semetary!!!!


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