Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Ever-Popular Robert Reid Hawley!!!

Hello there bloogeroonies!!!



This will be my first time seeing Alice since 1990 when he was here with Great White...Oh by the way, the Coop's opening act will be Helix!!!! Man i wonder if lots of the old Eastern Passage boys will be out at the show? A possible EPJH reunion eh? First Motley Crue, now Alice Cooper! I bet when Crue almost sold out, this opened the doors for Cooper eh?
In other news, my Dad got his scan back last week and everything is a-ok! Finally some good news in time for Christmas eh?
The Turkey Burger in Cooksville, Nova Scotia is said to be closing its doors at the end of this month, i hope a new buyer comes forth really soon and buys this Nova Scotia treasure because let's face it, what would a trip to the South Shore of Nova Scotia be without going to the Turkey Burger?!?!?!?! And i have a dear close friend that confuses it with that other Nova Scotia landmark, the Chicken Burger out of Bedford, NS...how the hell does that happen?!?!?!?
I went Christmas shopping with Captain Redneck on my day off Saturday, i don't think he knows the first clue about shopping for kids...attention attention...this is what a normal 14 yr old wants ok...Daisy Duke posters and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calanders!!! Not D& D and nerdy BS...i swear some people shop for themselves for Christmas eh? Buying video games that they like, not paying attention to the person at hand. I bought Cheech & Chong's Up in Smoke on DVD for $4.99...a steal! When are those two gonna put their stupid differences aside and reunite is beyond me...money in the bank if they do though! Sent out lots of Christmas cards this week, even to the old boys in the Passage, hope they remember me eh?
Too bad about the death of Phyllis Gretzky, Wayne's Mom passing away the other day, she really was the monarch of the Gretzky Family, esp after Walter had his health problems in the early 90s. Now many hockey fans are wondering when Wayne will return as coach of the Coyotes and as GM of Team Canada, give the man a break! He needs his time to mourn....
Well i am working Friday night in Middleton and then Saturday is Christmas Eve and then Sunday is the big day..what will i get? I remember in the 70s when we were getting kick ass toys like Mego Action Figures and AFRO GI Joes when my brother opened a present from one of my aunts and it was a frickin KEN DOLL!!! With a pink shirt, kaki pants and a COMB!?!?!?!?! What guy figure comes with a COMB?!?!?!? Hopefully one of my female cousins was sitting somewhere opening up a present wondering why in the hell does she have a GI JOE??!?!?!? It was hysterical although my brother was in tears...hehheheheheheheheheeh..by the way..miniture GI JOE's sucked...sorry kids of the 80s- 70s JOE's all the way!!!
Any who folks, gotta get me housework done eh?

PS- Some Classic Alice Cooper from 1972-73...PUBLIC ANIMAL #9!!!!

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