Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

I Was, I Will

Hello there ol bloggeroos! Well this is Old Man Robb again! What is a happening with me? Nothing really, no staff party this year for work, i feel kinda bummed about it even though it is no one's fault in general, i still do have Saturday off so i may just have to go do something with myself eh? We were thinking about going bowling for a staff party, but the alley closes at 10:00. What am i going to do with the booze i bought? I have a 24 of Keith's and a bottle of ol Jack Daniels! I guess i will become a closet boozer...wait a second..i already am! Egg nogg does taste great however with a little bit of Captain Morgan and Kuluha or however the hell it is spelled. Hate this weather cause i cannot go outside and i get stuck wtching crappy ol tv all day! I was in a class at Mount A when we discussed television shows and i could not name 10 shows on television! Watched the Bad News Bears remake with the folks the other night, it was ok..nowhere near the original with Walter Mattheau i am afraid and no where as un-PC that is for sure! Why do some people still act weird over things that happened in the early 90's? I think some people need a breath of fresh air or something, old before their time i am afraid. Me? I am old? Sure! Do i wanna be 30 something going on 19 forever? Who the hell doesn't wanna be that? I was at the vet the other day with my dog or one of my dogs i should say and they were about to end his manhood (poor little fella) and the vet said to my father something about being his age and having children so young..she thought i was 20!?!?!?!?!?!!! That silly Bullen is out in Calgary and said on his MSN that he was bored...yet there is a Hooters restuarant across the street from the hotel he is staying at...GET OVER THERE!!! Damn i wish we had this FOOSBALL table in res.........Being single again at Christmas...why does everyone make a big ol hairy whoppin deal about that? I am fine, no one to buy presents for that you know that they are not going to like anyways. I didn't know Chuck Norris was such a badass!!
Oh well anyways gang i have to get mobile, maybe take the dogs for a walk or something useful..have a good one!

PS- Classic Ramones with Dee Dee on lead vocals- Endless Vacation!!!

PS Part 2- Check out Bill Gates and Napoleon Dynamite!!!

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