Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas Webslingeroonies!!!

Why hello! Another Christmas morning has come and gone eh? Well what did i get? I recieved my new computer chair, some new jeans, socks, undies, a nice new Point Zero shirt, 3 nice shirt and tie combo's, the new Don Cherry Rock em Sock em (Like every Christmas since 1989-90!!!) Cheech and Chong BOBBLEHEADS!!! And the exact same gift back of Corona!!! I know have FOUR Corona mugs!!! Anybody wanna drink? This place is looking like a booze store! And everyone was happy with their gifts that i bought for them, my Mom has a new Tim Horton teapot and my Dad FINALLY has an Acadia Dad sweatshirt! My brothers are coming by in the afternoon with their family and then i can watch the little one's open their presents and watch the dogs loose their frickin minds in the process. I worked yesterday afternoon, what is it with Christmas shoppers anyways? Man i swear people would stab the person in back of them just to be first in line, back of the line or whatever the frick. Me? Did the shopping good n early this year, a little at every paycheck, that is the way to do it. Me and Dad watched the new American Pie movie entitled Bandcamp the other night, it was not veyr good at all, i can see why it went straight to video.
Well i got me Alice Cooper tickets the other day, i am right down in the front row! I will be able to see Alice's ol gulliotine up close and personal! Does he still tour with that thing?
Oh for the kids on Christmas, what exactly is the Gullotine?
The guillotine is a machine used for the mechanized application of capital punishment by decapitation. It consists of a tall upright frame from which is suspended a heavy trapezoidal blade (approx 40 kg). The blade is hauled to the top of the frame on a stout cord and held in place while the condemned has his/her head placed in a restraining bar. The cord is released and the heavy blade falls a distance of 2.3 m, severing the head. (Heights and weights are the French standards.) It takes its name from Joseph-Ignace Guillotin, a French doctor and member of the Revolutionary National Assembly, on whose suggestion it was introduced. Dr. Guillotin proposed the use of a mechanical device to carry out the death penalty. The descendants of Dr. Guillotin have since changed their surname because of the association with a method of execution. During the Reign of Terror of the French Revolution, as many as 20,000 people may have been executed. In France, executions by guillotine were also regarded as a public entertainment that attracted great crowds of spectators. The guillotine was established in the Place du Carroussel, on August 21, 1792, and remained there until May 7, 1793.
The guillotine was from then on the only legal execution method in France until the abolition of the death penalty in 1981, apart from certain crimes against the security of the state, which entailed execution by firing squad.
Beauty eh? I was thinking of getting a hotel room for the Cooper concert, maybe ..well shall have to see. Well i am thinking about going back to university again, maybe next year take a trip Stateside to Fort Kent, where i believe that you can still do an education degree in one year. It seems like a nice place, not too far from the New Brunswick border. Also i am heading back to the gym in the new year, possibly on the first week of January, i am sick of being around the 220 pound mark and only being 5'7, which really accents your weight, you see if you are 6'2 and weigh 220 pounds then people do not notice as much because there are more places for your weight to go.
Well i am opening at work all of this week, every day from 10-6..it will be tiring and monotonus, but that first payday on Janurary 6 or 7th should be nice and rewarding.
Anyways slingers, i be back with more soon!

PSSSSSSSSSSSST-- Cool Kiss documentary i found!!!

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