Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas Webslingeroonies!!!

Why hello! Another Christmas morning has come and gone eh? Well what did i get? I recieved my new computer chair, some new jeans, socks, undies, a nice new Point Zero shirt, 3 nice shirt and tie combo's, the new Don Cherry Rock em Sock em (Like every Christmas since 1989-90!!!) Cheech and Chong BOBBLEHEADS!!! And the exact same gift back of Corona!!! I know have FOUR Corona mugs!!! Anybody wanna drink? This place is looking like a booze store! And everyone was happy with their gifts that i bought for them, my Mom has a new Tim Horton teapot and my Dad FINALLY has an Acadia Dad sweatshirt! My brothers are coming by in the afternoon with their family and then i can watch the little one's open their presents and watch the dogs loose their frickin minds in the process. I worked yesterday afternoon, what is it with Christmas shoppers anyways? Man i swear people would stab the person in back of them just to be first in line, back of the line or whatever the frick. Me? Did the shopping good n early this year, a little at every paycheck, that is the way to do it. Me and Dad watched the new American Pie movie entitled Bandcamp the other night, it was not veyr good at all, i can see why it went straight to video.
Well i got me Alice Cooper tickets the other day, i am right down in the front row! I will be able to see Alice's ol gulliotine up close and personal! Does he still tour with that thing?
Oh for the kids on Christmas, what exactly is the Gullotine?
The guillotine is a machine used for the mechanized application of capital punishment by decapitation. It consists of a tall upright frame from which is suspended a heavy trapezoidal blade (approx 40 kg). The blade is hauled to the top of the frame on a stout cord and held in place while the condemned has his/her head placed in a restraining bar. The cord is released and the heavy blade falls a distance of 2.3 m, severing the head. (Heights and weights are the French standards.) It takes its name from Joseph-Ignace Guillotin, a French doctor and member of the Revolutionary National Assembly, on whose suggestion it was introduced. Dr. Guillotin proposed the use of a mechanical device to carry out the death penalty. The descendants of Dr. Guillotin have since changed their surname because of the association with a method of execution. During the Reign of Terror of the French Revolution, as many as 20,000 people may have been executed. In France, executions by guillotine were also regarded as a public entertainment that attracted great crowds of spectators. The guillotine was established in the Place du Carroussel, on August 21, 1792, and remained there until May 7, 1793.
The guillotine was from then on the only legal execution method in France until the abolition of the death penalty in 1981, apart from certain crimes against the security of the state, which entailed execution by firing squad.
Beauty eh? I was thinking of getting a hotel room for the Cooper concert, maybe ..well shall have to see. Well i am thinking about going back to university again, maybe next year take a trip Stateside to Fort Kent, where i believe that you can still do an education degree in one year. It seems like a nice place, not too far from the New Brunswick border. Also i am heading back to the gym in the new year, possibly on the first week of January, i am sick of being around the 220 pound mark and only being 5'7, which really accents your weight, you see if you are 6'2 and weigh 220 pounds then people do not notice as much because there are more places for your weight to go.
Well i am opening at work all of this week, every day from 10-6..it will be tiring and monotonus, but that first payday on Janurary 6 or 7th should be nice and rewarding.
Anyways slingers, i be back with more soon!

PSSSSSSSSSSSST-- Cool Kiss documentary i found!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Ever-Popular Robert Reid Hawley!!!

Hello there bloogeroonies!!!



This will be my first time seeing Alice since 1990 when he was here with Great White...Oh by the way, the Coop's opening act will be Helix!!!! Man i wonder if lots of the old Eastern Passage boys will be out at the show? A possible EPJH reunion eh? First Motley Crue, now Alice Cooper! I bet when Crue almost sold out, this opened the doors for Cooper eh?
In other news, my Dad got his scan back last week and everything is a-ok! Finally some good news in time for Christmas eh?
The Turkey Burger in Cooksville, Nova Scotia is said to be closing its doors at the end of this month, i hope a new buyer comes forth really soon and buys this Nova Scotia treasure because let's face it, what would a trip to the South Shore of Nova Scotia be without going to the Turkey Burger?!?!?!?! And i have a dear close friend that confuses it with that other Nova Scotia landmark, the Chicken Burger out of Bedford, NS...how the hell does that happen?!?!?!?
I went Christmas shopping with Captain Redneck on my day off Saturday, i don't think he knows the first clue about shopping for kids...attention attention...this is what a normal 14 yr old wants ok...Daisy Duke posters and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calanders!!! Not D& D and nerdy BS...i swear some people shop for themselves for Christmas eh? Buying video games that they like, not paying attention to the person at hand. I bought Cheech & Chong's Up in Smoke on DVD for $4.99...a steal! When are those two gonna put their stupid differences aside and reunite is beyond me...money in the bank if they do though! Sent out lots of Christmas cards this week, even to the old boys in the Passage, hope they remember me eh?
Too bad about the death of Phyllis Gretzky, Wayne's Mom passing away the other day, she really was the monarch of the Gretzky Family, esp after Walter had his health problems in the early 90s. Now many hockey fans are wondering when Wayne will return as coach of the Coyotes and as GM of Team Canada, give the man a break! He needs his time to mourn....
Well i am working Friday night in Middleton and then Saturday is Christmas Eve and then Sunday is the big day..what will i get? I remember in the 70s when we were getting kick ass toys like Mego Action Figures and AFRO GI Joes when my brother opened a present from one of my aunts and it was a frickin KEN DOLL!!! With a pink shirt, kaki pants and a COMB!?!?!?!?! What guy figure comes with a COMB?!?!?!? Hopefully one of my female cousins was sitting somewhere opening up a present wondering why in the hell does she have a GI JOE??!?!?!? It was hysterical although my brother was in tears...hehheheheheheheheheeh..by the way..miniture GI JOE's sucked...sorry kids of the 80s- 70s JOE's all the way!!!
Any who folks, gotta get me housework done eh?

PS- Some Classic Alice Cooper from 1972-73...PUBLIC ANIMAL #9!!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

I Was, I Will

Hello there ol bloggeroos! Well this is Old Man Robb again! What is a happening with me? Nothing really, no staff party this year for work, i feel kinda bummed about it even though it is no one's fault in general, i still do have Saturday off so i may just have to go do something with myself eh? We were thinking about going bowling for a staff party, but the alley closes at 10:00. What am i going to do with the booze i bought? I have a 24 of Keith's and a bottle of ol Jack Daniels! I guess i will become a closet boozer...wait a second..i already am! Egg nogg does taste great however with a little bit of Captain Morgan and Kuluha or however the hell it is spelled. Hate this weather cause i cannot go outside and i get stuck wtching crappy ol tv all day! I was in a class at Mount A when we discussed television shows and i could not name 10 shows on television! Watched the Bad News Bears remake with the folks the other night, it was ok..nowhere near the original with Walter Mattheau i am afraid and no where as un-PC that is for sure! Why do some people still act weird over things that happened in the early 90's? I think some people need a breath of fresh air or something, old before their time i am afraid. Me? I am old? Sure! Do i wanna be 30 something going on 19 forever? Who the hell doesn't wanna be that? I was at the vet the other day with my dog or one of my dogs i should say and they were about to end his manhood (poor little fella) and the vet said to my father something about being his age and having children so young..she thought i was 20!?!?!?!?!?!!! That silly Bullen is out in Calgary and said on his MSN that he was bored...yet there is a Hooters restuarant across the street from the hotel he is staying at...GET OVER THERE!!! Damn i wish we had this FOOSBALL table in res.........Being single again at Christmas...why does everyone make a big ol hairy whoppin deal about that? I am fine, no one to buy presents for that you know that they are not going to like anyways. I didn't know Chuck Norris was such a badass!!
Oh well anyways gang i have to get mobile, maybe take the dogs for a walk or something useful..have a good one!

PS- Classic Ramones with Dee Dee on lead vocals- Endless Vacation!!!

PS Part 2- Check out Bill Gates and Napoleon Dynamite!!!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Richard Pryor

One of the greatest stand up comedians in the world passed away on Saturday at the still-young age of 65. Pryor had been suffering from multiple sclerosis for nearly 20 years. I discovered Richard Pryor fairly early on, renting most of his movies on our old betamax while we lived in Eastern Passage from 1983 to 1990. I remember my friend Jason would always shout out, "My dick is on fire, just like Richard Pryor! In reference to when Pryor nearly burned himself to death while freebasing cocaine in 1980. Man i swear i would rent a Pryor movie a week at one stage, even silly stuff like "The Toy" and "Superman III" were favorites of mine, cause Pryor made them better. My brother took me to see "The Toy" and i wanted a "Wonderwheel" and Richard Pryor to come to my house to hang out just like that brat in the film. Rest in peace Brother Richard..and thanks for the laughs. Posted by Picasa

Monday, December 05, 2005

20 Days Til HO HO HO (And a bucket of Rum!!!!)

Hello there webslingeroonies! What have i been up to? Well Christmas shopping up the ying yang is Old Man Robert Reid Hawley The First! Actually if i ever marry i am so going the Foreman route and naming all the kids Robb #1, Robb #2, Robb #3, Robb #4 till all of the world is taken over by an abundance of brats all named Robert Reid Hawley. Just kidding! Well maybe not eh? Watched the new Dukes of Hazzard movie with my Dad on Friday night, it was pretty funny, people have to watch for the inneuendo about the rebel flag on top of the General Lee in the movie, a little fella came into work the other day and did not get the jokes aboot the Rebel Flag:

What is usually called "The Confederate Flag" or "The Confederate Battle Flag" (actually the Navy Jack as explained above) is still a widely-recognized symbol. The display of the flag is a controversial and very emotional issue, generally because of disagreement over exactly what it symbolizes. To many in the US South it is simply a symbol of regional pride and heritage. Others see it as a symbol of the institution of slavery which the Confederate government defended, or of the Jim Crow laws enforcing racial segregation in the Southern States for almost a century later.
The Confederate Battle Flag became a part of the Mississippi state flag in 1894, whereupon a strange series of events ensued. In 1906, the flag statutes were omitted by error from the new legal code of the state, leaving Mississippi without an official flag. The omission was not discovered until 1993, when a lawsuit filed by the NAACP regarding the flag was being reviewed by the Mississippi Supreme Court.
In 2000, the Governor of Mississippi Ronnie Musgrove issued an executive order making the flag official. After continued controversy, the decision was turned over to citizens of the state, who, on April 17, 2001, voted 2-1 to keep the Confederate Battle Flag emblem on the state flag [1]. Also at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) the Rebel Flag was very prevalent at the football games because the team's name, the Rebels. However, the administration banned sticks at football games in an attempt to rid the stadium of the flags, which they believed hampered them in recruiting black athletes and they also believed they were discriminatory and were bad for the public image of Ole Miss (which had already had its share of bad experiences with race relations, e.g., James Meredith). Though no longer seen in the stadium the Rebel Flag is very prevalent in the Grove, where students, fans, and alumni tailgate before the game.

Another interesting piece about the Flag that i found while surfing the net.

In the words of Floyd Cochran
"Everywhere I went in the racist movement the confederate flag was flown. Often times we hear or have been told that the confederate flag has to do with heritage. That it does - white privilege; a heritage that enslaved people and exploited people all in the name of white supremacy and the confederacy. Today in the 21st century, racist organizations know that marching and waving the swastika isn't cool. However waving the confederate flag is still acceptable to many. In many ways the confederate flag has become the 21st century version of the swastika. The swastika didn't start out as a racist symbol of evil. Its origins are as a symbol of peace and well-being. Over the years it became known and seen as a symbol of hate - like the confederate flag.
"At Aryan Nation I was taught that the confederate flag represented:
13 stars represented the 13 lost tribes of white Israel.
Red was purity of blood.
White was the color of our skin.
More history on the confederate flag
The Confederate Flag was used to give the Confederate soldiers a way to tell their ranks from those of the Union soldiers on the battlefield, where smoke routinely obscured the view of their fellows. After the war, the flag was adopted by the KKK and later by Racist Skinheads, American Nazi Party, Aryan Nation and other hate groups. The confederate flag is an internationally recognized symbol of racism and bigotry.

Heavy stuff huh?

Well what else is happening? Not too much, i watched the Vanier Cup after work and what i saw was a pretty hard fought battle between Laurier and the Saskchewan Huskies, i always feel bad when the cameras show the losers of the game on their bench bawling their eyes out, guys who are graduating and this being their final year and such. Plus where was the crowd control during this game? I hate sometimes seeing people rush on the field as i find it tarnishes the moment for the guys who earned the right to celebrate as in the players and it takes away from thier moment of triumph.
Don't you hate when people run off with the mouth? Someone i know is at it again, running their mouth. Then you wonder about that person, whom they are and how they have not yet come to realize that in the grand scheme of things that they are not all that and a friggin bag of potato chips. They do not realize that just becuase they have rode some coat tails to some degree of success they think they are the be all and end all. What's the problem? Is there some hidden jealousy there pally? Just remember the coattails you ride may someday realize that they are better off and then what will you be? Some of us want to work hard to make something of themselves and you possess talent, but do not want to go all the way in order to achieve. You are complacent and are now just along for the ride as i see it. Call me weird? Well...one ought to have a good long look in the mirror...hope it doesn't crack on ya.
Ranting Robbie today eh?
Anyways i have work to get ready for, more shopping to do so i shall go for now. Have a good one slingers!

6 eggs separated
2 cups sugar
1 1/2 quarts thick cream
1 1/4 Captain Morgan's Rum
Add cinnamon or nutmeg to taste
Beat egg yolks and sugar together until they are well blended.
Set that mixture aside, and beat the egg whites until stiff and add the cream followed by some harshly thrashed cream.
Dump all this into the yokes along with your choice of liquor. Then chill.
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